Snowmobiling on the Trails this Winter

Want to try something new this winter? Find out where the trails are and give snowmobiling a try!

Although two-night plus cottage rentals may not be ideal for avid snowmobilers, families looking to bring their kids to the trails or get their spouse on a sled for a day or two may have better luck if they get a vacation out of the deal!

Whether you’re bringing your own snowmobiles or renting them, a vacation rental offers a great home base to try out this family-fun activity.

CLRM has several properties in our inventory that have attracted snowmobilers in the past and are sure to do so again this winter! So, find out where the trails are and go snowmobiling!

Please remember, when planning to snowmobile at one of our properties, to let us know and include the snowmobiles on your list of vehicles.

Why Do You Need to Know This?

  • We need to confirm there is enough parking at the property for all cars, trucks as well as trailers and the snowmobiles themselves.
  • Some properties are very close to groomed trails, while others are a bit further away. We can make help make recommendations based on your needs.
  • Some cottage roads ban the use of snowmobiles/ATVs, etc. Therefore, this is important to know when you’re booking a cottage very close to the trails, but still need to tow the sleds to the trail itself.

If you’re hoping to introduce family or friends to the sport, please remember to pack all the required safety equipment or arrange rentals prior to heading up to the cottage. Although there are places to rent both snowmobiles and safety equipment, they are far and few between, so it’s best to arrange this before or as soon as you book your cottage rental.

Top 5 Snowmobile Tips:

  1. Purchase your OFSC Trail Permit before you jump on your sled.
  2. Must have either a valid driver’s license or motorized snow vehicle operator’s license.
  3. Make sure the snowmobile is registered with the Ministry of Transportation and has proper insurance.
  4. Make sure you have all safety equipment packed or on hold for rental before you head up to the cottage.
  5. If you want to rent a snowmobile to give it a try, we have a few links at the bottom of the page for companies that offer rentals.

A Few Ontario Loops

Check out some CLRM Properties with Trails Nearby

Dobson’s Dam in Chesley, Ontario on the North Saugeen River
Magnetawan Cottage in Magnetawan, Ontario on Newell Lak
Mapleview Cottage in Cloyne, Ontario on Little Marble Lake
Star Bay Hollow in Little Britain on Lake Scugog

Don’t forget to purchase your 2020 OFSC Trail Permit before you jump on your sled!

Some useful links:

Ontario Government – Snowmobile Safety

OFSC Trail Maps

Snowmobile and Safety Equipment Rentals:

Highlighted CLRM Properties:

OFSC Trail Map images cited:

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