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When you’re searching for cottage country rentals, our Kawartha cottages put you just a few minutes away from all kinds of attractions. You can explore the outdoors by venturing to Balsam Lake, Pigeon Lake, Sturgeon Lake, and others. Experience the beauty of Emily Provincial Park, see some breathtaking wildlife at the Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park, or head to an indoor attraction like the Olde Gaol Museum. From fishing to cycling to hiking to dining and everything in between, Kawartha and the surrounding towns give you the chance to do it all!

Let CottageLINK Help You Book Your Kawartha Cottage

Cottage Link is proud to offer a wide range of cottage rentals in Ontario to suit every need and any budget. We’ve got options for every group, no matter how many people you’re bringing with you or how long you plan to stay. Our Kawartha cottages are always designed with you in mind. They feature all the creature comforts of home to guarantee a relaxing stay. If you ever have any questions about your cottage or the area around you, we’re more than happy to help. So, is the stunning nature of Kawartha calling your name yet? Contact us today to learn more about all of our Ontario cottage rentals!

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