The Top Lookouts and Scenic Viewpoints in Muskoka Ontario

Muskoka is a world apart, yet only two hours north of the bustling city of Toronto!  Known for its clean, clear lakes, rocky terrain, and forested landscape, Muskoka Ontario stretches from Georgian Bay in the west to Lake Couchiching in the south, and Algonquin Provincial Park to the east. This huge area of over 6,400 square kilometres has over 1,600 lakes, and is a beloved year-round cottaging destination. In addition, often times you will see photos of the many great viewpoints in Muskoka, whether it be summer, winter or fall, these lcoations offer panoramic views, lookouts and incredible photo opportunities. Many of our private Muskoka cottage rentals are located throughout the region, providing choices of accommodations for any budget. 

Since the late 1800s, Muskoka has been a consistent draw for both tourists and seasonal residents, driven by its captivating natural beauty, beautiful lookouts and tranquil escape to nature. Muskoka also has some of the best Provincial and National Parks.  To many people, Muskoka is synonymous with Cottage Country, and is the most well-known destination for those looking for a cottage rental in Ontario.

Muskoka lake, showing cottages and docks

Muskoka’s Top Lookout Spots | Beautiful Views, Photo Opportunities

The land in Muskoka is very hilly and rocky, making it perfectly suited to scenic lookout spots!  Read on to see our guide to the best places to go to get a beautiful overview of the land, and a map showing the locations of Muskoka’s top scenic viewpoints described below.  You’ll be sure to find a great place to take a picture and soak up the amazing views!

 1. Walker’s Point Lookout | Torrance, Ontario

View from Walker's Point Lookout, Torrance, Muskoka, Ontario
Source: Discover Muskoka

This newly created trail leading to a scenic lookout is located at 1470 Walker’s Point Road, at the corner of Walker’s Point Road and Bradley Road.  The trail is roughly an hour long, taking you on a climb of what’s known locally as Berry Mountain, ending at one of the best views of Lake Muskoka.  Parking is available on Bradley Road.  

Walker’s Point Lookout is approximately 20 minutes north of Gravenhurst, and 10 minutes east of Torrance, Ontario. The hike is not very long, less than 1 km, but is mostly uphill, passing through a mix of rocky terrain and forest.  It’s challenging, but well worth it at the top when you see the breathtaking panorama laid out before you. If you’re looking to stay in the area, which has many great local shops, restaurants and attractions, we offer several beautiful cottage rentals in Gravenhurst Ontario.

 2. Lions Lookout | Huntsville, Ontario

Right in Huntsville, behind the Active Living Centre, you’ll find the trail access for the Lions Lookout Trail.  The trail follows Camp Kitchen Road along the Muskoka River to Fairy Lake, crossing the railway tracks, then heading up a steep slope to the top of the sports track.

View from Lion's Lookout, Huntsville, Ontario, showing beautiful fall colours
Source: Muskoka Tourism

When you reach the top, you’ll see a picturesque view of Fairy Lake, the Muskoka River, and the town of Huntsville. Due to steep inclines the 1.3 km trail is considered intermediate.  Here are the top things to do in Huntsville during your Muskoka cottage rental.

3. Big Bend Lookout | Arrowhead Provincial Park, Huntsville, Ontario

This amazing lookout is located in Arrowhead Provincial Park, just north of Huntsville, and is accessible year round.  There’s a relatively easy, and short, walk from the parking area near Roe Campground.  The trail leads to a deck providing an expansive view of the surrounding countryside and ancient geological formations dating back to the ice age. The lookout is an ideal spot for nature photography.

View from Big Bend Lookout, Arrowhead Provincial Park, Huntsville, Ontario
Source: Ontario Hiking Trails

Another geological feature of the trail shows what happens when erosion and a meandering river gradually create an oxbow lake. Meandering rivers are rivers with sharp turns, which erode the sediment from the outer curves of the river bed, depositing the sediment further downstream on an inner curve.  This action eventually cuts off the river and creates what is called an oxbow lake, like what is seen in the photo above.

Erosion has already caused the viewing platform to be moved back approximately 20 feet over the past 20 years, as the banks erode almost a foot each year!

4. Echo Rock Lookout | Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve, Huntsville, Ontario

Source: Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve

This 6.3 km loop trail is located within the Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve, between Huntsville and Algonquin Park, and is open for use year round.  The Reserve has a number of trails worth exploring, and you can discover more about Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve in one of our blog posts about this beautiful reserve.  The trail to Echo Rock Lookout ascends a rock cliff to the giant quartz deposit, showing evidence of the fields cleared by early settlers in the area, including a former apple orchard, and the vantage point overlooks Solitaire Lake.  The hike is moderately challenging, taking about an hour and a half to complete.  

 5. Huckleberry Rock Lookout | Bracebridge, Muskoka, Ontario

Huckleberry Rock, well known locally for over 100 years as a magnificent scenic lookout, has some of the oldest rocks in the world along the trail.  The rocks are assessed to be well over a billion years old, and were left uncovered because of the effects of glaciation, erosion, fire, and timber harvesting, all of which removed the thin topsoil, leaving the surface of the pink granite rock exposed.

Huckleberry Rock Lookout at sunset, view of pink exposed ancient rocks, fall leaf colour, and a lake in the distance
Huckleberry Rock Lookout – showing the pink exposed ancient rocks – Source: Blog TO

From the parking area at 1057 Milford Bay Road, Bracebridge, the route to the lookout is a loop trail of 2.5 km in length, considered moderate, with a number of benches providing rest stops along the way.

 6. Lions Lookout Park | Gravenhurst, Ontario

View from Lions Lookout Park, Gravenhurst, Muskoka, Ontario
Source: Visit Gravenhurst

Located at 500 George St, Gravenhurst, Lookout Park is a versatile spot offering various trails and activities. The park is ideal for leisurely strolls and enjoying the tranquil surroundings, with the local book exchange library adding a unique touch to the visitor experience.

 7. Peninsula Trail | Gravenhurst, Muskoka, Ontario

The Peninsula Trail, found at 291 Steamship Bay Rd, Gravenhurst, is a 2.8 km easy, stroller-friendly trail on a mulch based pathway, along the peninsula.  You’ll see breathtaking views of Lake Muskoka and the Muskoka Wharf. With gazebos, benches, and picnic tables dotting the pathway, it’s perfect for a leisurely walk on the trail high above the exposed granite ridge before winding down and continuing along the shoreline.

Peninsula Trail, Gravenhurst, Ontario, gazebo perched on rock overlooking a lake
Peninsula Trail – Source: Visit Gravenhurst

Peninsula Trail is located on the north-west corner of the Muskoka Wharf property.  Trailheads are located off the boardwalk that runs between the shoreline and front of the Muskoka Wharf Marina, as well as between the Marriott Hotel and Muskoka Boat & Heritage Centre.

How to Get to Muskoka from Toronto, Ontario

Reaching Muskoka from Toronto is quite straightforward, a straight drive north on Highway 400, then switching over to Highway 11 just north of Barrie.  Highway 11 is the main route to Muskoka, and the second longest highway in Ontario.  It provides the fastest and most direct route north, eventually going all the way to Rainy River, near the border with Minnesota.  But don’t worry – Muskoka is just a step along the way (and a lot closer than Minnesota!). The scenery as you head towards Muskoka is breathtaking, even from the highways, and you’ll really feel like you’ve entered a whole new landscape as you get further north as the highway winds around lakes, through rock cuts and heavily forested land.  

Muskoka’s scenic viewpoints offer guests the opportunity to see this beautiful terrain from “on high”.  While many are challenging trails due to the uphill nature, a few offer a short, leisurely stroll suitable for everyone.  The lookouts are always good, but spectacularly beautiful during the fall, when the leaf colours are at their peak! Book your Muskoka cottage rental today and start planning your scenic getaway to Muskoka!

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