How to Rent Your Cottage

Buying a waterfront cottage for rental in Ontario

The past year has seen Ontario cottage prices reach unprecedented levels;  bidding wars; a lot of very happy sellers, and disappointed buyers who failed to secure their dream vacation homes. In some cases, it also resulted in purchases that with... Read more

Get Your Cottage Ready for the Season

The ice is off and it’s spring clean time! In the past, guests were more tolerant of less than pristine cottages.  They wouldn’t care too much about the odd dust bunny under a bed, or a mouse dropping discovered in... Read more

9 Key Decisions Every Rental Owner Needs To Make

Renting out your cottage can be a thoroughly rewarding experience or it can be one you wish you’d never started.  It’s certainly not something you should go into without understanding the responsibilities and commitment that make it successful. Bear in... Read more

Standing Your Cottage Out From the Crowd

The Ontario cottage rental market is highly competitive.  Over the past few years, an abundance of new properties have been listed on the major rental platforms as well as with cottage rental agencies, and most owners go above and beyond... Read more

5 Small Appliances That Will Wow Your Guests

Do you remember the old days when a cottage rental kitchen was the final resting place for old pots and pans, blunt knives and rusty can openers? Nowadays, guests have loftier expectations and look for well-equipped gourmet kitchens where they... Read more

13 Things you should never have in your cottage when you rent it out

Setting a cottage up for rental can be challenging particularly it you use it for your family and have a lot of your own things there. If you use it regularly and go there between guests it’s tough to know... Read more

Renting Out Your Cottage – Tips For Success

We’re often asked by new cottage rental owners what they have to do to maximise occupancy, build a good repeat market and create good income.  So, we looked at our most successful rentals and – the ones that are solidly... Read more

I Want To Rent Out The Cottage – 10 Questions To Ask Your Realtor

When I bought my first Ontario cottage in 1998 I flew out from England on a buying mission and an agent took me to a dozen properties he’d decided I would want to buy. I finally settled on a cottage... Read more

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Why Guest Safety Should Be Top Priority

It’s easy to overlook safety when you are preparing a place for rental. There’s plenty of  HGTV shows, blog posts and articles that focus on décor and furniture, rugs and cushions, bed linens and bathroom extras.  They tell you to... Read more

How Covid Has Changed The Rental Experience

It’s been a roller-coaster time in the Ontario cottage rental market since the pandemic began. From wondering whether there would be a summer in 2020 at all, to experiencing massive demand after rentals opened up on June 5th showed itself... Read more

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