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What Can You Expect from the Weather in Muskoka, Ontario?

Muskoka, Ontario, is a popular getaway destination any time of year, thanks in large part to the wide range of things to see and do. No matter what the weather in Muskoka, Ontario, is like, you can always find an... Read more

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The Best Provincial and National Parks to Visit in Muskoka

One of the best parts of staying in Muskoka cottage rentals is enjoying some of the most beautiful nature that Ontario has to offer. While you’re in the area, you’ll have access to all kinds of fun outdoor activities, as... Read more

12 Activities For A Rainy Day In Cottage Country

Your cottage rental is booked! All those months and weeks of planning will pay off and you’ll finally get away on holiday. But, as we all know, vacationing in Ontario doesn’t always mean all-day sun, all-week long. So, planning a... Read more

Summer Bucket List

Summer in Canada is short.  So short, in fact, that it can feel like you’re trying to squeeze every last drop of summer into two months! To help get the most out of the season, we’ve created a Summer Bucket... Read more

10 Activities to Plan Ahead for your Trip to Cottage Country

While you’re planning your summer holidays, it’s always good to think about the activities you want to do while you’re away. Maybe you just want one or two dinners out? Or, maybe you’re hoping to play a few rounds of golf? ... Read more

7 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Cottage Rental Direct in 2021

Taking a cottage rental vacation in Ontario is something thousands of groups do every year, but it’s not the easiest task to find just the right one for your family.  Just figuring out which location is best is a challenge. ... Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Group Vacation

Have you been tasked with planning your next group vacation?  If so, we’ve been there, done that, and don’t envy you one bit because It’s a task of herculean proportions .  Whether it’s a family get-together of multiple generations or... Read more

The Best Ontario Cottage Locations

Ontario’s Cottage Country is made up of several regions, each one with distinct features that make it special among cottage enthusiasts.  You’ve probably heard of Muskoka as that is the one most people think of when they think of what... Read more

Visit Us at the Spring Cottage Life Show

Unfortunately, due to COVID 19, the Spring Cottage Life Show has been cancelled. Please stay tuned as we go Live on March 28 & 29 at our Virtual Booth! Visit us at the Spring Cottage Life Show this month! We’ll... Read more

5 Reasons to Book Today!

There are so many reasons to secure your cottage rental early on in the season! Here are our Top 5 Reasons to Book Today: 1. Secure Your Dates Early The closer your vacation days are to the Civic Holiday long... Read more

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