boats by a dock at sunset

Where To Find a Muskoka Boat Rental on Your Vacation

Finding the perfect Muskoka boat rentals should not feel like a chore. Once you are settled into your cozy Ontario cottage rental, you can book your boat rental and hit the crisp cerulean waters located throughout the area.  Today, you... Read more

bridge in the woods

What Can You Expect from the Weather in Muskoka, Ontario?

Muskoka, Ontario, is a popular getaway destination any time of year, thanks in large part to the wide range of things to see and do. No matter what the weather in Muskoka, Ontario, is like, you can always find an... Read more

leaves on a tree branch

The Best Provincial and National Parks to Visit in Muskoka

One of the best parts of staying in Muskoka cottage rentals is enjoying some of the most beautiful nature that Ontario has to offer. While you’re in the area, you’ll have access to all kinds of fun outdoor activities, as... Read more

Dyer memorial in Huntsville

Muskoka’s Hidden Gems – Dyer Memorial, Huntsville

We came across Dyer Memorial on a beautiful fall day of geocaching.  There were a couple of caches located at this spot and having been up Williamsport Road to launch kayaks for the paddle through Arrowhead Provincial Park a few... Read more

Screaming Heads

Screaming Heads – A Midlothian Fantasy

Fascinating…spooky…unique…. Impressive… are just some of the words to describe what you’ll see as you wander the trails of Peter Camani’s property just west of Burks Falls. Camani is a retired art teacher, Canadian artist and sculptor and has spent... Read more

Muskoka Craft Breweries

There’s much more to Muskoka than lakes and having fun on the water – there’s a thriving craft brewing industry that’s hitting the ball out of the park. Enjoy a brewery tour; try a beer or two in one of... Read more

Floating the Big East

What could be more fun on a hot summer’s day than a float down a lazy river, armed with only a paddle to steer the unicorn, or swan or whatever floating device you may have…and maybe a beer or two.... Read more

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