Jumpstart Summer with These Spring Activities in Cottage Country!

Have you been counting down the days for a sunny escape to Ontario Cottage Country this season? Spending warm days on the dock, catching fish, roasting marshmallows, barbequing, spending time in nature, building sandcastles on the beach and enjoying a cold drink isn’t just a daydream any longer, Spring has Sprung and Ontario Cottage Country is waiting for you! Ironically, the unofficial kick-off weekend to summer, Victoria Day, is still in spring, when the temperature hasn’t quite hit those beautiful summer highs! So what can you and your kids do to keep everyone entertained? Let’s celebrate Easter, Victoria Day and all the weekends in between like a Canadian and jumpstart your summer with our top outdoor activities for children and families of all ages!

1. Visit a Cottage

The unofficial start of summer is Victoria Day Weekend for 3-season Ontario Cottages but many Ontario Cottage Rentals are open all year round and ready to welcome your family any day. This is a great time to make arrangements and coordinate dates with friends and family members to find the best cottage for you to enjoy together this year.

2. Go for a walk or hike

Hiking trails, parks and beaches are open all year round! Whether you’re up north at a waterfront cottage or in the forest at a cozy cabin, you can always, rain or shine, get outside and go for a walk. Whether you have 15 minutes or 8+ hours, head out on your own two feet and explore your surroundings.

Bancroft hiking trails. A perfect day trip during your Ontario cottage rental

3. Play a Game

Whether you play a classic game that doesn’t involve props, such as Hide-And-Seek or Tag or a fun game for the whole family, such as Horseshoes, Washer Toss, Bocce Ball or Croquet, countless fun outdoor games don’t require a ton of space and could be played whether you’re at home or the cottage. Why not take your child’s lead and create a whole new game together?

3. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt on the next rainy day that involves several locations around the cottage or your property that involves clues and prizes! Get out your rain gear and look for cottage country favourites like fiddleheads, mushrooms, animal tracks, frogs and the first flower buds of spring! Save it for the next time your kids tell you they’re bored. Children will love spending time exploring, especially when they’re properly dressed and encouraged to play in the rain! This and it’s a great activity they will remember for years to come! Just like these 12 activities for a rainy day!

4. New & Favourite Outdoor Sports

Love hockey in the winter and baseball in the summer? Maybe you’re more of a basketball and football or soccer family? Whatever sport is your passion, spring is a great time to get outside and get active! It’s a great chance to introduce a new Ontario cottage country favourite like bocce ball, croquette or horseshoes! Many cottages will have a shed full of fun games to explore. Whether you’re simply tossing the baseball or football back and forth or learning a new game, getting outside and being active is the best way for kids to spend their downtime in spring!

Outdoor fun waiting for you

5. Go Fishing

Finally, the ice is off the lake, it’s time to go fishin’! Pull the fishing rods out of the shed, grab a life jacket and soak in every ounce of fishing the season has to offer from the cottage dock!

No matter what your go-to outdoor spring activities are for your family, the goal is to help your children create memories that will last them a lifetime!

Dock fishing at Cameron Vista

6. Have a Barbeque

Whether or not you have a chance to visit a cottage this spring, don’t fret, host a potluck BBQ with your favourite people! Invite neighbours, friends or family over for some delicious food! Good times are bound to be had by all!

7. Have a Campfire

It’s one of the best parts of visiting Ontario Cottage Country, sitting around a crackling campfire, sharing stories, telling jokes and singing campfire songs! Who doesn’t love grabbing a stick or skewer and roasting marshmallows around a campfire? Have fun with it by finding new and fun ingredients to create your smores with – flavoured or shaped marshmallows, various types of chocolate to melt, and adding alternative graham crackers to the spread is a sure-fire way to kick-off summer and have a ton of fun! One of my favourite experiments to date has been roasted marshmallow, white chocolate and a fresh strawberry on a shortbread cookie! Check out these 10 fun summer snacks, we’d love to hear what you tried and if you do experiment, what you come up with!!

8. Watch a Local Firework Display

Municipalities all over Ontario host extravagant firework displays. Have you ever been to one? They usually last a while and are spectacular to watch. Please remember, fireworks aren’t permitted at any Ontario cottage rentals but you will likely see some pretty displays throughout cottage country. As always with fireworks, please keep pets inside and children at a safe distance, even during public viewings.

9. Make Memories

Whether you’re staying home with your family or going on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, make memories! Play the games, snap photos and make the most of it with those who are around you!

Whatever you do to celebrate and jump-start your summer, you’ll be making memories!

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