10 Fun Summer Snacks

So, you’ve booked your Ontario cottage rental!

Vacation schedules are planned, sleeping arrangements configured and even the meals are coordinated for the week!

Coming up with new ideas to stay entertained at the cottage can feel like a lot of work! 

No one wants to hear the kids say “I’m bored,” 10 times a day, while you’re all trying to enjoy a relaxing week at the cottage.

So, add some fun, and easy-to-do work for the kids, and let them help you with snacks & meal prep this summer.

Try these 10 Fun Summer Snack ideas:

1. The Classic: S’Mores 

While these are a hit for everyone, every year, no summer snack list would be complete without S’Mores!

To make, all you need are graham crackers, some regular or jumbo marshmallows & chocolate bars – Jersey Milk is the best!

Roast your marshmallow with a campfire roasting stick and slide it between the graham crackers & chocolate for a sweet treat!

To add a little extra flavour to your S’Mores, try adding a Reese Peanut Butter Cup or freshly cut fruit.

2. Spider Dogs

Another classic snack that’s a favourite especially among kids – the Spider Dog! Simply cut each end of the hotdog into quarters, leaving the centre attached. Slide the centre of the hotdog onto the campfire roasting stick and roast over the open flame. Use condiments such as ketchup & mustard to make eyes and a mouth!

For added flavour, before you roast it, wrap an uncooked Pillsbury Crescent around the centre of the hot dog and roast until the Crescent is done!

3. Campfire Cinnamon Twists

These delicious snacks are so easy to make! 

Grab a roll of Pillsbury Cinnamon Buns and unroll each bun, laying it flat. 

Grab your campfire roasting stick and re-roll it around the stick. 

Roast it in the campfire, slather on some icing and enjoy! 

4. Make Your Own: Bucket Ice Cream

It’s easy enough to grab a tub of ice cream while you’re at the grocery store, but what if everyone wants a different flavour? Instead of buying 6+ different kinds, make it yourself!

This easy, 15 minute activity, will have the kids wanting to make their own ice cream all summer long – and it’s so easy!

Grab a 5 gallon bucket (or two), some ice from the freezer, ice melt, heavy cream and your flavours, then check out the video below for step by step instructions!

5. French Toast Sticks

Whether you’re cooking over an open flame, on the BBQ or inside on a rainy day, French Toast Sticks are a fast, healthy and easy meal that the kids will actually eat!

Make them the same way you would make French Toast, but cut the bread into fingers before dipping them into the egg mixture.

Fry them up & serve with your favourite maple syrup!

6. BBQ Pizzas

So, you want fresh, homemade pizza. But, there’s no outdoor pizza oven and it’s 30 degrees outside — BBQ it is! 

But, how do you BBQ a pizza?

First, prepare the dough. Once it’s ready, cook one side of the dough directly on the BBQ grill; the trick is that you need to warm the grill up long enough first!

Once the first side is slightly browned, pull it off the grill and flip it, add the sauce & all your favourite toppings to the baked side.

Finish it off on the BBQ and presto Pizza is done!

Or, save yourself the work & book a cottage with an outdoor pizza oven readily available, such as Bastedo Lodge!

7. Campfire Loaded Potatoes

Whether you’re looking for an easy dinner side dish or the main course, these campfire loaded potatoes are fast & easy to make over an open flame or on the BBQ!

Chop potatoes into wedges and place on two large pieces of tinfoil, load them with cheese, bacon bits, green onion, chives & whatever else your heart desires. 

Seal the tin foil and place it either on the BBQ grill or right next to the hot coals (not directly in the fire). 

When they’re done, top with sour cream or tzatziki and enjoy!

8. Campfire Nachos

Who doesn’t love nachos? 

Have you ever made them while sitting around a campfire?

Similar to the Loaded Potatoes, layer the nacho chips, pre-cooked meat, salsa, cheese, peppers, green onion, chives and anything else to top your favourite appetizer onto two layers of aluminum foil, fold it up and place it next to the hot coals. In no time, it will be the melty treat for all to enjoy!

9. Frozen Berry Ice Cubes

Looking for a yummy addition to your favourite summer beverage? 

Great in both Lemonde & Flavoured Water, grab a few ice cube trays from the dollar store, dice your favourite berries and place them in the trays, fil-up the rest of the trays with water. After a few hours in the freezer, they’re a great, nutritious addition to any summer drink!

10. Campfire Banana Boats

To make Campfire Banana Boats, slice the banana down the centre, leaving the peel on. Wrap a layer or two of tinfoil around the banana, leaving the slice open. Fill the banana with anything you’d like: diced fruit, peanut butter, chocolate chips, marshmallows, etc.

Squeeze the tinfoil around the banana and melt over the fire for a tasty, melt-in-your-mouth snack!

Bonus – for the Dog:

Dogs are part of the family too and deserve a special cottage treat while on vacation!

Stuff a Kong dog toy with wet dog food & throw in a couple blueberries, strawberries or raspberries, cover the end in natural peanut butter and freeze for a few hours.

Let pup enjoy their snack outside for a sweet treat!

Whether you’re relaxing at home or hitting the lake for the whole summer season, these fun snacks are bound to bring a smile to everyone’s face!

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