How to Rent Your Cottage

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Why Guest Safety Should Be Top Priority

It’s easy to overlook safety when you are preparing a place for rental. There’s plenty of  HGTV shows, blog posts and articles that focus on décor and furniture, rugs and cushions, bed linens and bathroom extras.  They tell you to... Read more

How Covid Has Changed The Rental Experience

It’s been a roller-coaster time in the Ontario cottage rental market since the pandemic began. From wondering whether there would be a summer in 2020 at all, to experiencing massive demand after rentals opened up on June 5th showed itself... Read more

Why Wifi Is A Deal-Breaker

Wifi is now the most in-demand criteria with guests who want to rent a cottage at any time of the year. ‘What’s the Wifi password’ is probably the first words said when they arrive. Not that many years ago, the... Read more

Selecting a Rental Management Agency

Although managing your own vacation rental can be rewarding and arguably, economical, it is very time-consuming and demands a high degree of attention to detail for it to be successful. This is where rental management companies can offer a great... Read more

Top Features to Attract More 5 Star Reviews

When there are thousands of properties available for rent, it’s a tough task to rise above the rest and offer something that’s uniquely desirable. While you can’t do anything about location, you have a free rein to create a stunningly... Read more

What pet-friendly really means?

Are you pet friendly?  Or, are you pet tolerant?  Or, do you begrudgingly accept a small, non-shedding, hypo-allergenic dog that doesn’t bark, never climbs on furniture, and then charge a fee for it?  As a pet owner, my view on... Read more

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