12 Ways to Boost Your Four-Season Cottage Rental Bookings

As a savvy Ontario cottage rental owner, you’re well aware of the challenges that come with keeping your property occupied in all four seasons. While summer may be the peak time for cottage getaways in Ontario, we both know there’s a world of opportunity waiting for guests in the cooler months. Join us as we count down the top 12 initiatives to boost your four-season cottage rental and ensure a memorable and comfortable stay that leaves your guests eager to return in the summer. Plus, we’ll share a bonus tip that will be sure to help boost your off-season cottage rentals!

Boost Your Off-Season Cottage Rental

1. Make your Fire-pit Available Year-round:

Extend the enjoyment of outdoor gatherings by ensuring your fire pit is accessible throughout the year. Provide firewood and comfy seating so guests can gather around the fire, roast marshmallows, and savor the ambiance even during the middle of winter. It’s easy to boost your cottage in the off-season by clearing a path in the snow to your firepit, keeping those Muskoka chairs outside, and providing a few cozy throw blankets that guests can bring outdoors to the fire pit with them.

2. Talk to Local Restaurants

Collaborate with nearby restaurants to offer guests discounts or special deals. Highlight the local culinary scene, showcasing the convenience of dining out during their stay. While many restaurants in Ontario Cottage Country do quite well in the summer, winter can be a slow time for the restaurant industry, especially in small towns. By offering this recommendation to local restaurants you’re helping them in the off-season while also boosting your four-season cottage rental marketing efforts.

3. Use Local Events to Target Guests

Keep an eye on local events, such as festivals, craft fairs, or winter sports competitions. Promote your cottage rental as an ideal base for attending these events, emphasizing the convenience of returning to a comfortable home away from home. Many small towns in Ontario only have one motel, so sleeping space is limited; offering your four-season cottage rental to the vendors or attendees of these events is a surefire way to boost your off-season cottage rentals.

4. Provide Entertainment Options

Equip your cottage with entertainment options like satellite TV, a selection of movies, and board games. Guests will appreciate the opportunity to relax indoors during the colder months.

While this innovation in and of itself might not help to boost your off-season cottage rentals initially, providing your guests with fun and relaxing things to do will lead to positive reviews, working with algorithms on Online Travel Agencies to increase your cottage’s visibility year-round!

5. Improve Your Internet Package

In today’s connected world, a robust internet connection is a must. Consider upgrading to a high-speed internet package, and if possible, explore options like Starlink to ensure your guests can stay connected and entertained.

While the internet is now considered to be a must-have amenity in the majority of cottage rentals, you can absolutely boost your cottage rentals in every season by noting your service provider is Starlink; so that your guests can seamlessly work, attend classes, stream their favourite shows or game online while on vacation.

Boost Your Off-Season Cottage Rental

6. Equip Your Kitchen

Stock your kitchen with all the necessary small appliances and utensils to make guests’ cooking experiences hassle-free. Offer a variety of cookware to cater to different culinary preferences.

Including pictures or a note on your listing about the various small appliances offered to your guests will make their desire to book your property over another that much more enticing. This is one of those small conveniences, you as a cottage rental owner can offer that will make a guest’s vacation and in return, boost your off-season cottage rentals, especially around the holidays when guests will be gathering and cooking traditional meals together, rather than focusing as much on the BBQ!

7. Be Prepared to Offer Flexible Rates & Discounts

During the off-season, flexibility is key. Consider offering competitive rates, discounts for extended stays or last-minute deals/specials to entice guests looking for budget-friendly getaways.

CottageLINK Rental Management offers a Current Winter Deals page, linking directly from our homepage, giving your cottage a greater opportunity to be seen and thus boosting your off-season cottage rental!

Boost your off-season cottage rental

8. Take Advantage of Seasonal Decor

Deck out your cottage with seasonal decorations that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Incorporate cozy blankets, festive lights, and seasonal table settings to enhance the overall experience.

While this may not directly boost your off-season cottage rentals, it will give the guests one more positive experience in your property, leading to positive reviews following their stay.

9. Post Your Availability Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to advertise your off-season availability. Promote your rental availability well in advance, allowing guests to plan their getaways and secure their bookings.

Although most off-season Ontario cottage rental vacations are only booked 1-8 weeks in advance, it’s important to boost your likelihood of obtaining off-season rentals by opening your calendar at the same time (or earlier) than you open for the summer season.

10. Offer Special Packages

Create enticing packages that bundle your cottage rental with local activities or attractions. For example, offer a package that includes a day trip to a nearby provincial park like Arrowhead, enhancing the value of their stay.

This can also work well when working with local event coordinators and offering your Ontario cottage rental as an option to event attendees – you could consider throwing in a few free tickets to the event with your package.

boost your off-season cottage rental

11. Prepare for Winter Weather

You can’t boost four-season cottage rentals if you aren’t prepared for the winter weather! Arrange for snow-clearing services, have a plan in place for weather emergencies, and ensure the safety of your guests during their stay. Don’t forget to arrange snow clearing for your driveway and walkways too!

12. Add a Hot Tub or Sauna

In the colder weather, guests want to warm up. A hot tub or sauna is the ultimate off-season luxury. The allure of soaking in warm water or enjoying a sauna session amidst the beauty of your cottage surroundings will leave a lasting impression on your guests and is the number one way to boost your off-season cottage rentals!

boost your off-season cottage rental

Bonus Tip: Use a Rental Management Agency

Consider partnering with a rental management agency, such as CottageLINK Rental Management. Industry professionals can help you market your property effectively, manage bookings, and provide a seamless experience for your guests. All of this combined will not only help boost your four-season cottage but also provide you with A+ guests during the high season!

In conclusion, by implementing these top 12 initiatives and considering the bonus tip of using a rental management agency, you’ll be well on your way to attracting guests to your four-season cottage rental. Ensure a memorable and comfortable stay that leaves them eager to return in the summer, and maybe even entice them with a summer/winter package to sweeten the deal!

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