Important Steps to Winterize Your Cottage Rental

Can you believe the clocks have already gone back last weekend? Winter is coming fast, ready for it or not!  Whether you rent your cottage over the winter, or you close it for the low season, here are some important steps to winterize your cottage rental.

  • Check all the smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors and change their batteries, leaving extra batteries for guests
  • Relocate your hidden key and confirm its location with our team
  • Confirm your cottage cleaner is onboard for the upcoming 2024 season. Many are booking up for next year already!
Important steps to winterize your cottage rental

Important Steps to Winterize Your Four-Season Cottage Rental

If your cottage is open for guests this winter, these important steps to winterize your cottage rental will help those arriving after dark, in possibly less-than-perfect weather conditions:

  • Ensure outside lighting works for check-ins after dark and plans are made to have outdoor lighting on or to install motion-sensing lighting for winter arrivals.
  • Check entry areas for slip and fall risks – making sure there are no loose paving slabs, steps, rocks, tree roots, etc.
  • Check pillows/mattress protectors/bed covers/linens- launder and plan on replacing if they are showing signs of tears or stains.  Also, ensure that there are plenty of bedding options for guests in the colder months.  Consider replacing thin quilts and blankets with winter-weight duvets and cozy throws
  • Assess BBQs and outdoor furniture for repair or potential replacement next year. 
    Your BBQ should be available for guests to use in winter unless you have told us otherwise, so make sure it is easily accessed (provide a snow shovel on the deck), and there is sufficient propane supplied.
  • Store patio furniture and outdoor toys away from the winter elements, but please keep a few Muskoka chairs around the campfire pit
  • Keep the campfire pit clear of snow, if applicable
  • Organize snow clearance for pathways and entryways, a path to BBQ, and a path to the hot tub if applicable.
  • Provide salt/sand for outdoor steps & pathways along with snow shovels.
  • Change your hidden key location if it isn’t easily accessible in the snow
  • Check and replace batteries on keyless entry door panels
  • Ensure you have plenty of seasoned wood inside for woodburning stoves and the fireplace items needed for tending and cleanup
  • Add plush blankets or throws to your family rooms to snuggle up with on winter nights
  • If you don’t already have a streaming account or satellite TV, consider adding a package for the winter months while guests will be spending more time indoors relaxing and some accounts will no longer allow for guests to sign into their accounts in other locations
  • Set mouse traps and leave additional spares for guests to put out if needed
  • Check flashlights and leave additional batteries for remote controls
important steps to winterize your cottage rental

Important Steps to Winterize Your Three-Season Cottage Rental

If you close your cottage for the winter season, we’re sure you’re a pro at it. But, when offering your property for rental guests, there are a couple of extra steps to ensure a smooth transition in the spring:

  • You may wish to move your hidden key to a new location for a new season. But, if you do this, please let us know its new location.
  • Drain water and winterize using applicable antifreeze products
  • Store patio furniture & outdoor toys away from the winter elements
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked and secured.
  • Clean out the fireplace/woodburning stove of all debris
  • Turn off any services to the cottage that aren’t needed if the property isn’t in use (ie. propane)
  • Set yourself up for success for the coming spring, make a note of anything that needs replacing or upgrading. Are the beds still comfortable? Are the linens in good condition? Do pillows need replacing? Have any broken dishes from the season been replaced? Is the BBQ in good shape?
  • Setting mouse traps sporadically throughout the cottage and leaving bounce sheets between couch cushions, in dresser/kitchen drawers and closets

Whether you close up for the season or remain open for rental guests and personal use, the changing of seasons is always a bitter-sweet time, especially as we watch summer fade away.

But, now is a great time to amp ourselves up for spring and summer 2024!

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