Why it’s Essential to Provide Cottage Rental Availability Early?

You’ve decided to rent your cottage, Congratulations!
This is a big step in the right direction when looking at ways to improve your Return on Investment and securing your family’s future. There are lots of reasons why property homeowners choose to rent their cottages, so whatever your reason, welcome! We can’t wait to talk to you!

Now, picture yourself for a moment, it’s a gorgeous early July summer day, the sun is shining and you’re already being asked to think about next summer when you are trying to enjoy the moment. Let’s chat about why is it essential to plan a season ahead and provide your cottage rental availability as early as possible!

Why is it Essential to Provide Cottage Rental Availability Early?

By making your cottage rental availability dates accessible well in advance, you can reap numerous benefits, such as improved marketing opportunities, early bookings, filling vacant dates with previous guests and of course, this all equates to the potential to reduce or eliminate discounting. We’re going to take the time to dive into why it is essential to provide cottage rental availability early and how it can lead to a more fruitful and hassle-free cottage rental season.

Early Availability = More Marketing Opportunities

The more time you allow for your cottage to fill vacant dates, the higher the likelihood of those vacant dates filling. By providing your cottage rental availability early you’re giving yourself a head start on marketing your property. Here are a few ways it works:

  • Increased Visibility: the further in advance you’re able to provide us with your availability, the more prospective guests will have a chance to see your property in search results, meaning you can attract more guests sooner.
  • Strategic Planning: when we promote a particular rental period (ie: the week of Canada Day) on places such as social media or newsletters, those with availability will be the cottages promoted. This immediately gives an advantage to those who have provided availability early by capturing the attention of prospective guests.
  • Social Media & Email Campaigns: at CLRM we love our repeat guests, many of whom are newsletter subscribers & social media followers. Our first point in marketing is to our previous and repeat guests. It is essential to provide your cottage rental availability early, in order to help build excitement and anticipation for the upcoming season.

Early Availability = Early Bookings

It is essential to provide your cottage rental availability early when encouraging guests to plan their vacations well in advance. This can lead to several advantages:

  • Most returning guests are ready to secure their dates for the following year either during or immediately following their vacation this year. Repeat guests are the most likely to respect your property and adhere to all rules and regulations, as they value your cottage.
  • Many guests who book early to secure the best cottages are willing to pay a premium to secure their preferred dates at their preferred location.
  • Steady Bookings: it is essential to provide your cottage rental availability early which provides a consistent stream of reservations throughout the year, reducing the stress of securing last-minute bookings.

Early Availability = Less Discounting

When a guest opens an email from CottageLINK Rental Management with their favourite cottage promoting availability for the upcoming season, a sense of urgency washes over them as they rush to the booking page, credit card in hand. This sense of urgency can allow you to:

  • Maintain competitive rates: CLRM can help recommend a well-structured pricing strategy that can go a long way in securing reservations both during high season and the shoulder seasons.
  • Avoid last-minute discounts: the sudden urgency and need to slash prices to fill vacancies becomes less of a concern when bookings are secured early.
  • In order to improve your profit margins, it is essential to provide your cottage rental availability early, as it will help to minimize discounting, and likely even increase your overall revenue.

It is essential to provide Cottage Rental Availability Early

Providing early availability for your cottage rental is a strategic move that can significantly benefit your experience in the Ontario cottage rental market. It helps us enhance our marketing efforts, boosts early bookings, and reduces the need for discounts, ultimately leading to a more profitable and stress-free rental season. By staying one step ahead of the competition and giving guests the opportunity to plan their vacations well in advance, you’ll not only maximize your revenue but also create a more positive and efficient rental experience for your guests. So, please don’t wait, send us your availability right away!

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