Plan Your Family’s Winter Getaway to the Cottage Rental

A winter visit to Cottage Country is nothing like your annual summer vacation. While there are pros and cons to every season here, in Ontario, winter has far more pros than it’s credited for!

For starters, there’s crisp, white, sparkling, snow! In the city, the snow quickly turns a shade of greige (gray-beige) that makes it unrecognizable. But, up here, in Cottage Country – Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes, Muskoka, Parry Sound – it’s the most magical, sparkling white you’ll have ever seen!

Although snow brings a sense of magic to the air, staring at it through the window just doesn’t do it justice. Winter activities are abundant, everywhere you look, especially at the cottage! 

Good, old-fashioned Tobogganing

The first activity on our list is, good, old-fashioned tobogganing. A small hill, a sled, and a pair of warm mittens are all you really need for some outdoor fun!

But, as Canadians know, the more layers you have on, the more comfortable you’ll be. So, don’t forget to add long underwear, snow pants, wool socks, boots & of course a hat to your overnight bag!

Many cottages have small hills, right on the property, making a few hours of winter fun oh so simple. We love the idea of not having to deal with driving to a hill and dressing little ones in their snowsuits in the car. While the exhilaration of excitement might be more geared towards younger children in the family, tobogganing is a great winter activity for every age!

Pro Tip: Toboggans are flat and light, so easy to pack at the bottom of the trunk — under coolers & suitcases!

While some cottages have their own hill built right in, others are in close proximity to popular, free, hills, that the local community enjoys, such as James W. Kerr Park.

Two Popular Winter Pastimes: Skiing & Snowboarding

A second (and third, if we’re being specific) popular winter activity would, of course, be downhill skiing or snowboarding! While these winter pastimes are available all over the province, taking a snow holiday just to ski or board is an extra special memory in the making.

The great thing is, there are several fantastic ski hills all throughout Cottage Country, so finding one with an available cottage nearby, should be a piece of cake! Especially if you book early in the season.

While you’re searching for the perfect winter cottage rental, remember to take these snow & ice activities into account. Even if your perfect snowy getaway doesn’t include these winter pastimes, for others, it’s the whole reason for the trip!

The Beauty of Ice Skating on a Frozen Lake

Another winter pastime, that’s better suited for the coldest months of the year is ice skating! And while going to your local community center for a family skate is a fun afternoon activity, it’s nothing like skating on a frozen lake or pond, in the fresh air while flurries fly around you.

As with all winter activities, there is a risk. So, we recommend following all safety precautions when you’re visiting any frozen or partially frozen body of water.

Take to the Trails with Snowshoes or Cross-Country Skis

If you’re a little more cautious, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing are great winter activities, that get you a bit of exercise, outside in the fresh air!

If you’ve never done these activities before, strap on your snowshoes or skis and simply explore the property you’re visiting! It’s a great way to get accustomed to the feeling of walking or gliding across the top of the snow.

In no time at all, you’ll be a pro & ready to take on some trails! The nice thing about both x-country skiing and snowshoeing is that there are trails all over Ontario, most of them with free access!

What else are you waiting for? Hit the Snow this Winter at your Cottage Rental

We’re here to help with all your cottage rental needs year-round! So, let us help find your perfect winter getaway spot to visit with loved ones this season.

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