Ice Safety

Do you dream of ice skating on a frozen lake? Grabbing your hockey stick and pucks for a game of pickup? Or, teaching your children to skate for the first time in the great outdoors? Of course, you do!

The most important thing when you’re wanting to skate on a frozen body of water, be it a lake or pond, is safety. You need to know the thickness of the ice.

If you’re visiting the area, your best bet is to see what the locals are doing and ask.   If the lake is full of others ice fishing, snowmobiling, walking and skating, chances are you are safe to do so too. But, it never hurts to ask the question!

Who are good people to ask about lake ice safety in the area?

  • Neighbours
  • Cottage Management Agency
  • Cottage owner/caretaker
  • Local bait and tackle shops

Reasons the ice is not safe

  • If there is moving water nearby (river, stream, etc.)
  • River ice is never considered safe
  • Ice on one of the five Great Lakes (or any other large lake/body of water)
  • If the ice is cloudy and not clear/translucent
  • Any ice less than 4 inches thick

If you don’t want to risk it, check-out a local outdoor ice rink or skating trail here:

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