Top Waterfalls To Explore During Your Muskoka Cottage Rental

Muskoka is the region that first comes to mind when people think about Ontario’s Cottage Country and it’s the most popular cottage getaway destination in Ontario, even drawing many celebrities to its many lakes. Known for its stunning lakes, forests, wildlife and nature activities, and its many charming towns, Muskoka is THE place to go in Ontario during the summer. The perfect way to truly enjoy the Muskoka experience is while staying at one of our many Muskoka cottage rental opportunities. Muskoka has many exciting waterfalls to explore that carve through the granite rock of the Canadian Shield, dating back billions of years.

Muskoka is also home to many other exciting activities, whether you’re visiting in the winter and looking for events around your Muskoka cottage rental, planning a day trip and want to find things to do around Huntsville, looking for some of the best National and Provincial parks in Muskoka, or just want to escape the city and enjoy a weekend on some of Muskoka’s beautiful golf courses, there is something for everyone in this beautiful part of Ontario’s Cottage Country.

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Let’s dive into it! If you’re planning a cottage rental in Muskoka, be sure to add these breathtaking waterfalls and hikes to your itinerary:

7 Exciting Waterfalls to Explore as Part of a Day Trip During your Muskoka Cottage Rental

Muskoka High Falls

The town of Bracebridge is at the centre of waterfall country, with bragging rights to more nearby waterfalls than any other community does.  High Falls, just north of Bracebridge, is a popular spot, and includes five waterfalls, making this the ideal destination for waterfall hunters! The waterfalls include Pott’s Falls, Muskoka Canyon Falls, Little High Falls, Big High Falls and a 5th man-made falls to accommodate the High Falls Water Park. Much of this site is wheelchair accessible. If you’re looking to spend a day exploring, the Water Park is a perfect place as it includes 1,500ft of sandy beach and looks directly at three of the waterfalls, including the famous High Falls waterfall.  

To get to High Falls from your Ontario cottage rental, take Muskoka Rd. 117 off Highway 11 just north of Bracebridge. Just west of Highway 11, the entry to the park is off Brodie Crescent, and the falls are at the end of the road, and there is a large parking lot available for visitors. 

Empty muskoka chairs overlooking rapids at this Muskoka cottage rental
One of our cottages, High Falls Echo, is located directly on the falls and enjoys incredible views

Wilson’s Falls

Also located in the town of Bracebridge, Wilson’s Falls is another popular spot to view waterfalls, and for swimming, picnicking, and hiking. Wilson’s Falls is located on the north branch of the Muskoka River between Bracebridge Falls and High Falls. This is the wildest, and most scenic of the three falls. The river takes an S-curve here as it tumbles down a long cascade.

To get close to the falls, take the Wilson’s Falls Trail at the end of Wilson’s Falls Road. This trail crosses the river above the falls. Rough trails follow the river down to the falls on both sides of the river. There are lots of nice spots along the way from which you can view the falls.

Stubbs Falls

Located just north of Huntsville within Arrowhead Provincial Park, is the beautiful cascade waterfall called Stubb’s Falls. Enjoy a 2 kilometre hike along Stubb’s Falls Trail to the waterfall where the Little East River rushes down a rock chute.   Park admission is required.

While it’s beautiful at all times of the year, during the fall it’s amazing – be sure to walk over the footbridge for a great view of the water amidst the fall colours.  Book your fall vacation at one of our Ontario cottage rentals today!

Ragged Falls

Voted one of the top 10 waterfalls in Ontario, Ragged Falls is located just west of Dwight, before the entrance to Algonquin Park, within Oxtongue River-Ragged Falls Provincial Park.  The falls are beautiful, demonstrating the powerful, erosive force of glacial meltwater. A short trail leads from the parking lot to a lookout of the thundering whitewater falls.  There are many viewpoints of Ragged Falls.  You can hike to the bottom for a view of the bottom of the falls and river or take the trail to the top for an up-close view.

To get to Ragged Falls from your Muskoka cottage rental, take Highway 60 east from Huntsville towards Algonquin Park.  Ragged Falls Park Road is about 13 km. past Dwight.

Rosseau Falls

Located off of Highway 141, just east of Rosseau, you’ll find Rosseau Falls. There are two waterfalls, the upper and lower, that descend over the rocky Canadian Shield into Lake Rosseau. The upper falls are on the south side of the highway. The lower falls are off of Rosseau Lake Road 3 below the bridge. This stunning section of waterfall is nearly a hidden gem in Muskoka!

Upper Rosseau Falls is very easy to access just off of highway 141, where you’ll see a small picnic area.  There are lots of places to sit and enjoy the view. Lower Rosseau Falls is about 1 km downstream, exiting into the mouth of Lake Rosseau. To access the lower falls, there’s another small parking lot.  Please note that Rosseau Lake Road 3 is a narrow, windy, dirt road.

White’s Falls – Port Severn

White’s Falls is a great waterfall to check out in Gloucester Pool, near the town of Port Severn.

The upper portion of White’s Falls has been modified by a dam to maintain water levels in Six Mile Lake. As such, the flow through the falls is seasonally variable. Although the water flow is modified by a dam, this is still a great cascade to see. Be sure to check out the Big Chute Marine Railway, just down the road while you’re in the area.

It is located right off Muskoka Road 34, just a few minutes from Highway 400. CLRM has the pleasure of managing an incredible Muskoka cottage rental right in this area, aptly named White’s Falls Retreat.

Hatchery Falls

Located in Fish Hatchery Park just 30 minutes southwest of Huntsville, Hatchery Falls is a wild waterfall with easy access which makes it a perfect destination for a short hike and visit while staying at your Muskoka cottage rental!

To get to the falls, travel across Highway 141 to Fish Hatchery Rd, where you’ll see the sign for the park on the left, just after you pass the camp. There is a parking lot beside the sign.

The trail to Hatchery Falls heads west from the parking lot and follows the river. The hike has a lot of changing terrain but is not really that difficult, but it can be slippery when the rocks are wet. Hatchery Falls is a wonderful little spot, with 7-8m high waterfalls with multiple drops. The trail will take you right to the bottom with a little bit of effort. You’ll find a few nice spots at the bottom where you can sit and enjoy the scenery of one of the best waterfalls in the area. These falls are not to be missed!

The best way to truly experience Muskoka while visiting some or all of these amazing waterfalls is to stay in an Ontario cottage rental.  We have many lovely Muskoka cottage rentals to choose from, in all parts of Muskoka, so book one today and start planning your trip!

Tips for Enjoying the Waterfalls During Your Visit to Muskoka

  • Wear proper footwear: Some of the trails around the waterfalls can be slippery or rocky, so it’s important to wear sturdy shoes or boots with good grip.  Hiking poles can be a good idea too if you have them, but they’re not required.
  • Bring a swimsuit and towel: Many of the waterfalls in Muskoka are great for swimming, so bring a swimsuit and towel if you want to take a dip. Just be sure to follow any safety guidelines or restrictions that may be in place.
  • Pack a picnic: Many of the waterfall sites have picnic tables and benches available, so pack a lunch or snack to enjoy while you’re there.
  • Respect the environment: The waterfalls in Muskoka are surrounded by beautiful forests and wildlife, so be sure to respect the environment and follow any rules or guidelines in place. Pack your belongings in and out, and leave no trace behind.
  • Incorporate a waterfall outing into your vacation: Visiting a waterfall is a great way to spend a day during your Muskoka cottage rental vacation. You can combine it with other activities, such as hiking, swimming, picnicking, or shopping in a local town to make a full day of it. And if you’re staying in an Ontario cottage rental in Muskoka, you’ll have plenty of options for nearby waterfalls to visit!

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