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As we drove through Bon Echo, turning off Highway 41, just before arriving in the Ski Village of Calabogie, the backdrop was absolutely magical, with freshly fallen snow and crisp blue skies. 

After a busy summer, I was planning an early winter trip to Eastern Ontario, for a series of cottage photoshoots and filming 3D tours in a few of our properties that had recently added new features.  While speaking with the owners of Serenity Cove about my visit, they graciously offered to host my girls and I, for a Mom & Daughter getaway, while I was in the area.  Of course, I jumped at the opportunity!

Driving to Serenity Cove

We had fantastic weather, with a clear and sunny forecast for the photos and drive and a packed itinerary of planned stops at Rosie’s, the local bakery and Calvin’s Eatery for a takeaway pizza in our sights.  Unfortunately, and I should have known better, one thing to keep in mind about winter getaways, is that some businesses operate under seasonal hours after Thanksgiving and you really need to call ahead!  As we found out, Sunday-Wednesday tend to be days that are quieter outside of summer and when businesses are not open.

As we turned off the lane, the cottage and backdrop of Centennial Lake was absolutely stunning.  With plenty of space to park, we hopped out and grabbed our bags, set to explore.  As I had read in the digital Cottage Guest Guide, the cottage has a keyless entry, that is camouflaged quite well.  The trick is to wave your hand over the keypad for the numbers to appear.


Walking through the door, we were greeted with an extremely well-placed counter and cubby shelves, keeping purses and coolers off the floor and away from little hands and paws!  Seriously, I’ve thought of that counter more times than I can count since leaving, so handy!

Once you step inside you are immediately taken with the stunning view through the kitchen windows and the incredible stone fireplace, that goes right up through the cathedral ceiling.  The large kitchen has loads of counter space and a fantastic island that looks over the eating area and lake.  It’s the type of kitchen you would see on a cooking show set, with space for all the mixers, ingredients, and little helpers!

Cottage Layout

To the right of the kitchen is the most comfortable sectional couch I’ve ever sat in.  It’s perfectly placed for gazing at the lake, watching the fire, the satellite tv, or visiting with your guests.  There is a fully stocked library room that has lots to choose from and an incredible games room complete with a pool table, board games, bar fridge, and two separate game tables!  I hadn’t played pool in years but was still able to surprise my girls with my (mediocre) skills!

The loft space upstairs is really unique and the view from the double queen suite looks like a photo backdrop.  Truly, we caught ourselves just staring out the window because it didn’t seem real!

Working from the Cottage

After settling in and grabbing a quick bite to eat, we sat down and the girls finished their e-learning lessons for the day while I edited the photos from our first stop.   I’ve always known how incredibly fortunate I am to be able to work from anywhere but this has been a new experience for the girls and a fantastic opportunity to explore and still be completely up to date with their classes!

3D Matterport Tour

The next morning we woke up to a winter wonderland!  Looking out the master bedroom window, the lawn rolling towards the lake looked like a snow globe, with fluffy snowflakes twinkling and slowly floating to the ground.  Worried about missing the best light, I started filming the Matterport tour straight away.  Be sure to check out the 3D Matterport tour and floorplan of the entire property, on the listing!  

Experiencing a Winter Wonderland

As soon as the last room was captured, we bundled up and ran outside.  It was winter overload with gigantic icicles greeting us at the door, a gentle hill to roll down, and the perfect area for snow angels, fort building, and snowball fights!

Happily finding the red Muskoka chairs peeking out from under the snow on the dock, we sat and watched the ice slowly starting to form and creep along the shoreline.  The girls made an adorable little snowman that they named Fred (but he looked like an Olaf to me!).

Hot Tub Time

With an ice storm in the forecast, we decided we would warm up in the hot tub quickly before the weather took a turn.  The hot tub cover lift was super helpful for opening the lid without needing a second person to help!  The view of the lake was amazing and we could have spent hours in there!

Our very own Hallmark Movie

After our dip, we put on some cozy outfits made a snack tray with hot chocolate and I built a fire in the fireplace!  Since converting our wood-burning fireplace to gas when I was little, I hadn’t lit a “real” fireplace in years!  I was so pleased to find that everything was right there waiting for me.  Kindling, a couple of old newspapers, dried logs, and thank goodness, a lighter!  I conjured up my Girl Guide skills and showed the girls how to check to make sure the flue was open, arranged the kindling and we were all set!  It was like our very own Hallmark Christmas movie so we turned on the TV, found one on satellite, and had the best little charcuterie board picnic on the floor (with plates and napkins of course!).

Night Lights & Flashlights

With the ice storm continuing through the night, the night lights that are all through the house were super helpful and popped on as soon as the lights started to flicker.  We didn’t lose power for long but there are plenty of flashlights and nightlights throughout the cottage to guide your way, if ever needed.

Cleaning Up

The next morning we had to say a reluctant goodbye and make our way home.  We gathered up our bags, triple checked under the beds, the bathrooms, kitchen pantry, and fridge.  I grabbed the metal ash tin/bucket, cleaned out the fireplace, and put the tin back outside the front door.  We opened up our Digital Cottage Guide again, to make sure we hadn’t missed anything on the departure checklist and loaded up the car!

The Drive Home

The cottage driveway has a double entry and even with my winter tires, the little incline on the right side was too much for my SUV.  The entrance to the left was a much easier route!  Definitely make sure you have your winter driving safety kit with you, no matter where you set out to in the winter.


Even with 40 years of summer memories, from lakes across Ontario, winter in cottage country is something you truly need to experience yourself.

Region: Eastern Ontario

Town: Griffith, ON

Waterfront: Centennial Lake

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