Top Snowmobile Trails For Your Haliburton Cottage Rental

The vibrating rumble of the snowmobile engine beneath you. A cloud of snow kicking up behind you. And a mountainous snow terrain waiting for you to leave your tracks on the fresh powder. What a thrill it is to snowmobile in Haliburton during your next visit to Cottage County! Add snowmobiling to your itinerary while staying at one of our many great Haliburton cottage rental experiences. 

These snowy trails will take you on a wild ride! We also have some helpful information for beginners that are looking to learn more about snowmobiling on the trails this winter.

Snowmobiles parked outside a Haliburton cottage rental
Tarry-A-While Lakehouse, a great spot for a luxury cottage rental in the winter and near great snowmobiling trails

Rev Up Your Engines for These Top 8 Snowmobile Trails Conveniently Located Near Your Haliburton Cottage Rental

1. Head Lake Trail

Snowmobile fun is never far away from many popular Haliburton cottage rentals. Head Lake sits as a town centrepiece with a well-charted snow trail extending for two kilometres around it. Thanks to its locality, you can check off lots of sightseeing in Haliburton during the ride.

Snowfall covers the year-round trail during the winter, trading in those hiking boots for snow boots and snowmobile skis. Crank your throttle at Rotary Park to start the snowy journey through Glebe Park, Fleming College Campus, and even near the Haliburton Sculpture Garden.

2. Abbey Gardens Trails

Trust us—the beautiful Abbey Gardens are even more spectacular in the winter! The flowers and trees covering the garden’s 140 acres transform into a winter wonderland filled with manicured snow tracks winding through the forests and meadows, a perfect trail for both beginners and experts.

Multiple routes through the Abbey Gardens extend for five kilometres. The moderate elevation terrain makes it an excellent course for all skill levels. Trails running through flat, open meadows are ideal for beginners and kids. Trees in the forested areas provide exciting obstacles for experienced riders skilled enough to carve a path for themselves and explore the woodlands.

3. Haliburton County Rail Trail

Zip through the backcountry on a snowmobile excursion on the Haliburton County Rail Trail. It’s part of a network of year-round trails stretching from Haliburton to Kinmount and beyond. You’ll speed past snowshoers while riding a path formerly laid out by the Victoria Railway.

Give yourself a short and sweet sample of the multi-county trail with a one-kilometre ride or see how far you make it along the 55+ kilometre route to Kinmount before refuelling (be mindful of usage limits if renting a snowmobile).

4. Forest and Rail Loop

Unfog your visor because you don’t want to miss the picturesque scenery along the forest and Rail Loop. This family-friendly trail is an official route of the Haliburton Country Snowmobile Association, providing hours of snow fun for all ages.

The Forest and Rail Loop is a test of endurance over skill. The 75-kilometre route starts at Minden Hills before passing through Haliburton and finally ending in Carnarvon. You’ll spot landmarks like Mount Minden and ride over the imaginary 45th Parallel, marking the midpoint between the North Pole and the Equator.

5. Haliburton County Snowmobile Association Trail

Explore the best of the Haliburton Highlands on the Haliburton County Snowmobile Association (HCSA) Trail. Covering more than 580 kilometres, it’s the most comprehensive snowmobile trail that takes a county effort to pull off every winter.

The HCSA Trail system opens to the public between January to April. Thanks to local landowners, you can enjoy riding through private land primed with groomed tracks. The trail also features backcountry sections riding over frozen lakes, through dense forests, and forgotten railroad tracks.

Snowmobilers must purchase an OFSC trail pass for permission to ride the HSCA Trail.

6. Round Algonquin Park

Regardless of how many snowmobilers you start the Round Algonquin Park journey with, you’ll always end up with your circle much bigger by the time you reach the endpoint. This intensive multi-day snowmobile trip will introduce you to the landscapes and friendly locals of the Haliburton Highlands.

Algonquin Provincial Park has already left its mark on the history books as the first provincial park in Canada—and this 3-5 day trip will write you into the snowy pages. You’ll pass through hills, ridges, and other scenic vistas. And the trip will be supported by the many sled-friendly restaurants and accommodations you encounter along the way.

7. Drag River and Head Lake Trail

Snowmobiling on the Drag and Head Lake Trails lets you discover the sights and history of the Haliburton Highlands. So, ease up on the throttle because it’s a ride you’ll want to take slowly unless you miss the best parts.

Ride along the snowy riverbanks of the Drag River before trailing your snow cloud through Head Lake Park on this 1.3-kilometres long trail. Trail highlights include overlook views of the Emmerson Dam and signage detailing the region’s logging industry history.

If there’s still fuel left in the tank, full speed ahead to the connecting Head Lake Trail!

8. Trailblazer Tour Loop

Where horses once trotted during the hot summer months, snowmobiles now plow through the snow trails in the winter. Blaze your path on the Trailblazer Tour Loop. It has over 100 kilometres of snow fun awaiting you just east of Haliburton.

The Trailblazer Tour is divided into legs ranging from 10 kilometres to 29 kilometres for easy segmenting. Kickstart each leg in nearby towns like Tory Hill and Wilberforce. You’ll also get a peek at the southern region of Algonquin Provincial Park.

Renting A Snowmobile For Your Haliburton Cottage Rental

Snowmobiling in Haliburton is for all ages and skill levels. Renting is a popular option for visitors staying in many of our cottage rentals in Ontario who will find local snowmobile rental companies nearby. The best places to rent snowmobiles in Haliburton are:

Snowmobiler driving in the forest at their Haliburton cottage rental

Looking to Explore Haliburton During the Winter but Not a Big Snowmobiler?

Haliburton has something for everyone, whether you are looking to explore the great outdoors at one of the many great Provincial Parks in the area, most notably Algonquin Provincial Park, or looking to do some ice fishing at some of the top lakes during your Haliburton cottage rental.

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