Paradise in the Woods – CLRM Staff Review

The name of the cottage really does say it all! The owners have thought of everything to make your stay comfortable and entertaining. We were so impressed with everything it ‘s hard to decide what we liked best. The large deck with a mix of shady and sunny spots, comfortable seating, (and even a ceiling fan!), the lounge chairs, the hammocks, the hot tub, the games room…

Although the weather was mostly cool for September, we enjoyed our time there immensely. This time Ruby and Jim and I were blessed to be accompanied by both of our twin daughters, Ali and Jenny, Jenny’s boyfriend Ronan, and our son Scott and his girlfriend Brittany.

The Cottage

The cottage itself, with its mix of rustic and modern decor, open concept, and thoughtful decorating touches, is very appealing. What you don’t necessarily notice until you’re there in person are the many windows that look out on a mix of well-treed property and the lake, making a beautiful vantage point from anywhere you choose to sit. In fact, there are so many different seating areas sometimes it’s hard to choose where you’d like to sit at any moment! I wanted to work my way through the whole cottage and try them all out, but I mostly sat in the living room and outside on the deck, since Ronan commandeered the downstairs den to use as his law office for the week.

We made heavy use of the games room, mostly playing pool, but also air hockey and darts. It’s slightly separate from the main part of the cottage, so it’s perfect for late night games that don’t disturb anyone wanting peace and quiet in the cottage. Of course, the hot tub was also a must on most nights, and the kids in particular really enjoyed having that, especially on cool nights.

Fun Activities

A unique feature of Paradise in the Woods is the wooden tree shape the owners leave for you, along with various paints and accessories to use to decorate it as you wish. Not being artistic painting-wise, we chose to cover ours completely with autumn leaves, and we think it turned out pretty good for not very artsy people. For inspiration, you can see all the completed trees in the games room.


Outside, the property is well treed, and although there is a neighbour to the right, it feels quite private. The motor free lake is so quiet and peaceful, great to explore by kayak or paddleboard. I loved being away from noisy motorboats and Seadoos for the week. I even finally got to try paddle boarding, which I’ve wanted to do for some time. On a motor free lake it’s easier to take the plunge (or actually not – hopefully!). Both Scott and I managed to say upright and dry for the whole time, thankfully, since the water was pretty cold in September!

Walk in the Cloud

We also did another thing I’ve wanted to do for many, many years – the Walk in the Cloud hike at Haliburton Forest. It was also a great experience, and I’m so glad we finally got to do it. It’s not for the faint of heart, or very out of shape or overweight person, due to the challenging uphill hike and some very narrow passages on the walkway, but highly recommended. Normally the hike includes a trip to the Wolf Centre, but during Covid-19 the hikes have been changed. A canoe ride in a very large canoe is typically part of it, but since everyone would be in the same boat together that is not part of it now, and groups are capped at 6 people, which worked out perfectly for our family of 6, since we were able to have our own personal hike with only the guide. A 15 minute drive through the woods to the site is also challenging for your car, and not recommended if you have a low slung sports car for instance, but our Kia Soul and the rental Toyota did just fine.


All in all, we had a great week, and really enjoyed having such a comfortable, luxurious cottage to enjoy, especially when sitting outdoors was too cool for our liking. Although I like to work my way through the various cottages we represent, I do hope to return to Paradise in the Woods sometime soon!

Region: Haliburton Highlands

Town: Haliburton, ON

Waterfront: Basshaunt Lake

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