Why Guest Safety Should Be Top Priority

BBQ fire

It’s easy to overlook safety when you are preparing a place for rental. There’s plenty of  HGTV shows, blog posts and articles that focus on décor and furniture, rugs and cushions, bed linens and bathroom extras.  They tell you to paint the panelling and how to create a feature headboard, and what thread counts to consider when you buy sheets.

it’s fun and exciting to create a beautiful space and start creating income from the property.

But that fun and excitement…and income….can disappear quickly with one accident that ends up in a law suit.

An accident can happen in an instant.

A child runs into the cottage bedroom to grab a toy that’s been left on top of a dresser.

He can’t quite reach it so he uses childhood ingenuity to open a drawer, climb up and give himself those extra few inches needed to get to the the toy truck.

That’s the toy truck that mom picked up off the floor earlier so no-one would trip and hurt themselves.

The toy truck that sends him to the emergency room when the dresser, and the old TV sat on it, tips over and crushes him.

This is just one of the safety issues to consider when renting out your home or cottage.

On the Outside

For most exterior features there is building code to comply with, even with an older property.  Decks, railings, staircases, and outdoor structures should all be inspected to ensure code has been met and you should ensure all the other outdoor amenities you supply are safe for their purpose. 

Deck collapse

There’s a few simple things you can do to maximise outdoor safety.

  • Check all deck railiings meet current building code
  • Don’t use glass tables that can easily shatter in a storm
  • Buy patio and outdoor seating that will withstand heavier weights (250lbs minimum)
  • Make sure a campfire pit is at least 15ft from any structure
  • Clear away all building debris & clutter (don’t store it under a deck where kids could explore)
  • Install outdoor lighting around staircases and solar lights on pathways
  • Position a BBQ at least 3ft away from any structure
  • Stencil ‘Do Not Jump Or Dive’ on the end of a dock
  • Provide clear instructions for hot tub use.

Inside the Cottage

We want to create a great space for our guests but sometimes safety is sacrificed in order to create that extra room, or to have things look more attractive. Those oversights could be a source of liability claims so it’s important to consider safety in every aspect of the interior of your home.

Here’s some to consider:

  • Location of fire extinguishers
  • Location of and expiry dates on CO monitors and smoke alarms
  • Hand rails on staircases
  • Positioning of bunk beds (near ceiling fans & against windows)
  • Use of electrical extension cords and bars
  • Storage of hazardous substances & cleaning materials
  • Egress from basements and loft areas
  • Televisions placed on unsupported cabinets creating tip hazard
  • Unstable bar stools
  • Floor mats without anti-slip backing

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