Avoid the Family Fight this Summer

Avoid the family fight on vacation this summer! Start your holidays off on the right foot and determine bedroom assignments before the vacation begins. The last thing you want to come out of a family holiday is an argument because someone in the family paid less money for their share of the holiday, yet they ended up with a nicer bedroom. While planning your cottage vacation, consider bedroom assignments & configurations while you select your cottage.

In my 3-generation family of grandparents, my brother and his spouse (with no pets or kids) and my family (my husband, young child, one dog and myself), we have a lot to consider when selecting a cottage, specifically bedrooms. Ideally, we would rent a 4 bedroom, pet-friendly cottage & room assignments would be simple:

Bedroom 1: Grandparents

Bedroom 2: My husband and I

Bedroom 3: My brother and his girlfriend

Bedroom 4: My toddler

However, with having a young child, it’s important to me that I sleep in a bedroom near him. In an ideal situation, our two bedrooms would be on the other side of the cottage to the living room and kitchen, where everyone might gather during naps and earlier bedtimes.

But, as we know, nothing is perfect and compromises often need to be made.

So, who gets the master bedroom? Is it saved for the individual who planned the vacation? Or, maybe the eldest in the group (ie: grandparents, in my case)? Or, maybe it’s reserved for the family members who spent the most money?

As you can see, there are several factors to consider. And, things only get more difficult when you add a second family to the mix to share a larger 5-7+ bedroom cottage rental.

Long story short, avoid the family fight and plan ahead! Consider bedroom requirements & assignments when selecting the property you’ll be staying at and determining everyone’s budget. Make bedroom configurations a topic of discussion with your family & travel group so that everyone gets a voice.

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