10 Steps to The Best Cottage Rental Vacation with Your Pet

At CLRM we’re proud to offer pet-friendly properties to you and your furry family members without spending additional money on pet fees. We’re pet owners too and we love bringing our dogs to cottages and including them in our vacations, so we understand that you feel the same. However, as with everything, there are rules that we require to be followed to ensure your pet will be welcome back time and time again.

  1. Book a Pet-Friendly Property

Over 50% of our properties are pet-friendly! So, when you’re looking for a cottage rental, limit your search to pet-friendly properties so that you aren’t disappointed by falling in love with a property where you can’t bring your pet. Our “Quick Search” feature gives you the option to filter through properties that only allow pets.

  1. Let Us Know You’re Bringing Your Pet

Even if you decide on a pet-friendly property and aren’t worried about it, please let us know that you’re planning to bring your pet. Some pet-friendly properties have restrictions that limit the species, number and even breed of pet, so we need to make sure your family’s pet matches the cottage’s requirements.

  1. Pet Identification

Make sure your pet carries a tag that has your cell phone number. If there is no cellphone reception at the cottage but there it has a landline, have a tag engraved with the cottage phone number, for use while you’re there. You’ll find that number in the digital guide.

  1. Keep Pets Leashed

If your dog has a tendency to stray or run off, keep it on a leash from the moment you arrive. Neighbours could be at their properties and it isn’t fair to them to have your dog run over and greet them.

  1. Cottage Country is Full of Wild Animals

Remember this is a new location for your pet, just as it is for you. There are wild animals in cottage country including bears, raccoons, porcupines, skunks, etc.

  1. Please Don’t Leave Your Pet Unattended

Don’t leave your pet in the cottage or tied outside when you go out. This is a strange environment for a pet, and a fearful animal left alone in a strange house may bark excessively, cause damage, or otherwise behave in ways that can quickly become costly.

  1. Read the Cottage Digital Guide

Read the Cottage Information Package both when you receive it and as soon as you arrive at the cottage. Each cottage owner will have different expectations regarding pets and this will be detailed here.

  1. Please Keep Pets Off the Furniture

Don’t let your pet climb on furniture or beds. For example, if your dog is used to sleeping on your bed at home, he will be confused about why you aren’t letting him up while at the cottage. Prepare for your vacation by breaking the habit at home before you go. Get him use to sleeping on a dog bed or blanket that you can bring to the cottage with you so your pet feels right at home.

  1. Stoop and Scoop that Poop

This is the most important of all the rules! Every cottage is carefully checked after each rental and if there is evidence of this nature, your damage deposit/credit card guarantee will be charged. Dispose as instructed in the Cottage Information Package.

  1. Ask for a Recommended Veterinary Clinic in the Area

Ask the owner if they can recommend a veterinary practice in the area. Find out if it is a 24-hour service and if they will accept temporary/visiting patients in an emergency. Call the practice before your vacation to establish what services they offer, if they accept pet insurance plans and if they will send your pet’s records back to your home veterinary clinic after an urgent visit.

Finally, if a cottage is not pet friendly, please do not bring your pet. Many times, properties aren’t pet friendly because of allergies in the owner’s family. Bringing your pet to a pet free cottage is a violation of the rental agreement and can result in eviction with damage deposit/credit card guarantee charges for required cleaning.

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