Winter Driving in Cottage Country

When you are used to city roads that are ploughed and cleared regularly with a moderate amount of snow, it can be a shock to arrive in Cottage Country and see vast amount of the white stuff piled to the side of the roads, and hard-packed on the surfaces.

Before you head north for your winter break take some time to prepare and equip yourself and your vehicle for driving in the wintry conditions likely to be encountered during your visit to Cottage Country.

Although most major highways and major county roads are kept relatively snow and ice-free, Cottage Country rural roads can remain snow or ice-covered for sometime after a fall of snow. Winter tires are essential and 4WD is highly recommended.

Be Prepared

Preparing for the worst is also advisable. A sudden whiteout or vehicle mechanical failure can rapidly deteriorate into a survival situation if you have not prepared adequately. Ensure you have sufficient warm clothing and supplies with you to keep you and your passengers safe until help arrives or you are able to continue your journey. Bear in mind that in Cottage Country cell phone reception can be patchy at best and non-existent in many locations.

In addition, many cottages may be located some distance from centres of population, especially such services as gas stations. Gas up before you leave the highway or at least make sure you are more than half-full. A heavy snowstorm or strong winds could cause a widespread power outage that may last for several days. So, even if there is a gas station near the cottage, there is a good chance that it too could be affected by the same power outage and be unable to pump gas.

Don’t travel without adequate winter clothing in the car and keep the following in your car during your trip to Cottage Country:

  • snow shovel
  • blankets
  • cell phone
  • flashlight
  • bag of sand
  • traction mats
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