Top 5 Family Winter Activities

In summer, cottage getaways mainly focus on the waterfront, deck or patio, dock, and water toys and activities. Winter is a little bit different — with focus often shifting to indoor activities. So, we’ve compiled a combined list of both indoor and outdoor winter activities that the whole family can enjoy!

Top 5 Family Winter Activities

1. Cross-Country Skiing

This is a great outdoor winter activity for children, parents, and grandparents to try. It’s easy to learn, gentle on joints and there are both paid and free trails across Ontario. If you’re trying it for the first time equipment can either be rented or purchased second-hand, but we think you’ll enjoy it so much, you’ll want to grab some shiny new skis!

2. Games

Remember when commercials used to recommend planning a Family Game Night? Well, we agree! Bring a few favourite games along and plan for a few hours of old fashion family fun without screens! Turn on some music, make some appetizers, gather round and play it out to see who takes all.

3. Snow Tubing

Have you ever gone skiing and noticed a smaller hill filled with families tubing? You probably always say something along the lines of “that looks like so much fun, we should try it next time,” and next time never comes. Well, instead of trying it next time, make a morning or afternoon of it! Many ski resorts offer this fun winter activity during the winter season as something fun for the whole family to partake in, which requires almost zero athletic ability!

4. Movie Night

Whether you choose to spend a night in or hit the cinema in town, a family movie night is something everyone can get on board with! If there are no new movies playing at the theatre plan for a movie night in. Pop some popcorn, dim the lighting, change into your pajamas, grab a blanket and hot chocolate and snuggle-up for the show!

5. Ice Skating


One of those classic winter activities almost every town in Canada offers at this time of year. Whether you want to lace-up your skates right at the lake, head to an outdoor rink or skating trail or even a local arena, the options are endless if you want to partake in this winter activity.


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