Top Features to Attract More 5 Star Reviews

When there are thousands of properties available for rent, it’s a tough task to rise above the rest and offer something that’s uniquely desirable.

While you can’t do anything about location, you have a free rein to create a stunningly attractive space with contemporary decor, beautiful beds, a chef-ready kitchen and top-of-the-range appliances.

In addition, including features that add to guest enjoyment will add to guest satisfaction and that’s the key to stellar reviews.


What happened in 2020 has changed how we look at cottage rental amenities.

Whereas the cottage was once thought to be the place to relax, unwind and power-off, it’s now the place where guests can enjoy all the benefits of the country while they work.

This is one area where you need to go for the best. Spending a little more on the highest package will bring more occupancy and definitely happier guests if their kids can stream Youtube and play Roblox.

Hot tub

Hot tub by lake

The must-have amenity for out of season rentals is a hot tub. It doesn’t necessarily have to include the expensive extras such as a waterfall feature and a gazillion jets, but it should be of high quality. It’s a false economy to opt for an economy model as the costs of more frequent cleaning and maintenance can add up significantly over time.

We recommend Hydropool tubs and working with a recognised outlet to deliver, maintain and offer advice on troubleshooting.

The Best Beds You Can Afford

After saving for most of the year for a vacation, guests deserve the best nights sleep so it’s worth it to pay a lot of attention to all of your bedrooms, not just the master. When multi generation families or two separate families vacation together, they all need to enjoy comfortable beds.

Purchase the best mattresses you can, provide two pillows per person, supply quality bed linens, install a headboard for every bed and provide a night table, lamp and charging station at the side of every sleeping space.

Outdoor Amenities

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