The Magic Of An Ontario Winter

While summer is full of splashy water activities – paddling out on kayaks, canoes and stand-up boards, or just the joy of a cool swim at dawn before the heat of the day  sets in – the winter months can bring as much exhilaration…if you let them.

Looking out on a grey, cold and dreary day from a city window, it’s easy to forget that only a couple of hours drive away, snow is hanging heavily on the trees, sparkling under an impossibly brilliant blue sky, and beckoning a ton of winter fun.

On the short drive from Highway 11 into Arrowhead Provincial Park, the scenery is spectacularly white.  Signs point to the Mayflower Lake snow shoe trail, the start of the Arrrowhead cross-country ski loop and the ice skating circuit.  Sharp eyes can spot tracks of deer, moose, winter hare and the ever-present squirrels, and a stop down a trail can bring the ultimate in silence, broken only by the soft sigh of falling snow from a tree branch.

Perth Skate Trail

The beauty that is winter in cottage country can’t be outdone, and has to be seen, because in many ways it outclasses the endless green days of summer.

It’s because it can be fleeting.

A gust of wind can blow the snow off the branches and the spectacular ice and white cover on the canopy of trees will melt when the first brief thaw sets in.  But if you can catch it, the memories will stay forever.

So, instead of wishing winter away as you look out of your condo window, set your sights on a trip to cottage country.  A day out will get you there and back with plenty of time to experience the snow in between, but a few nights away in a cottage with a cosy fire to warm up after a few hours on the trails is rejuvenating.

Your winter weekend warrior adventure will be even more enjoyable if you pack right and don’t forget the essentials.

Have fun and send us some photos!

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