Surprise Your Valentine with a Cottage Getaway

Since Valentine’s Day usually lands on a weekday, couples often only have a few hours in the evening to celebrate together. Most often, we do this by enjoying a delicious meal together — whether it’s at home with a thoughtful dish prepared in your own kitchen or at a favourite restaurant — food and romantic meals have long been associated with date nights, romance and a building block in the foundation of love between two people.

This year though, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, and not just any Friday — the Friday of the Family Day long weekend!

Imagine coming home from work on Friday and surprising your Valentine with a romantic getaway at a cottage rental! That sure beats dinner doesn’t it?!

Here are 5 Reveal Ideas to Surprise your Valentine with a Cottage Getaway:

1. Valentine’s Day Card

Reveal your romantic plans to your sweetheart by putting it into their card.

2. Send flowers with a note to their workplace

Include in your note with the flowers that you’re taking your significant other on a romantic winter getaway. Please remember to order your flowers in advance because flower shops are very busy during Valentine’s.

3. Have bags packed and in the car ready to go when they get home from work

Pack your spouses favourite loungewear, an outfit for going out, their toiletry bag and a few other pieces for relaxing around the cottage, a bathing suit for the hot tub, etc. Have the car cleaned, bags packed and cooler ready to go, so you can jump on the highway as soon as your both home from work. When asked where you’re going, reveal the surprise!

4. Create a scavenger hunt with the destination being at the cottage

Give them a clue in the morning, have a co-worker put another clue in their desk or briefcase at the office and send another clue, just as they’re finishing work to head home. When they get home, have everything already in the car and as you drive, drop a few more hints until they figure it out.

5. Print a picture of the cottage you’re going to and put it on the table when you serve dinner

Are you still keeping your romantic dinner plans? Maybe you both work late on Friday and can’t get away until Saturday. No sweat! When dinner is served have the photo of the cottage you’re going to displayed with the meal. What an exciting thing to talk about and plan over your romantic dinner and gesture!

For cottages available this coming long weekend, check out our Valentine’s and Family Day Weekend Availability here!

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