Screaming Heads – A Midlothian Fantasy

Fascinating…spooky…unique…. Impressive… are just some of the words to describe what you’ll see as you wander the trails of Peter Camani’s property just west of Burks Falls.

Screaming Heads

Camani is a retired art teacher, Canadian artist and sculptor and has spent over 25 years constructing a fantasy castle and monolithic landscape of giant heads across his 310 acre property in Midlothian.

Screaming Heads

It all started when the bay window of his old farmhouse fell out.  Instead of replacing it as most home-owners would have done, he started rebuilding the property….and he’s never stopped.

From the two-headed dragon on top of the chimney of the castle-like structure, to the hundred- plus sculptures placed across the rolling landscape, you won’t be short of photo opportunities.  You are welcome to wander through the woodland, meadows and past ponds to view the artwork and make your own sense of what it’s all about.

Entry to Screaming Heads is free with a donation box in the car park – we encourage you to contribute to this amazing feature of the Almaguin Highlands landscape.

This is a private home that the artist opens to the public and occasionally the gates are shut.

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