Comfortable, Well Equipped Cottage

Our family of five adults spent a week at this comfortable, well equipped cottage. The cottage has been updated, is well decorated and is clean. The beds are comfortable and the kitchen is well equipped and easy to work in. The cottage can comfortably accommodate 5-6 people. The lake is very quiet and the view from the cottage is beautiful, especially for some spectacular sunsets, followed by amazing star gazing. The lake is shallow, with a sandy, silty bottom. You can swim out quite a distance and still be able to stand. There are many snails and other mollusks, with sharp, hard shells, and lots of rocks. Swim shoes are a must. One member of our party (who did not have sim shoes) cut their foot badly on shells or rocks. The water in the lake was clean and warm, beautiful to swim in. Walking on the silty bottom will stir up the sand/dirt and cloud the water, but does not leave much of a residue on you.You can swim from one rocky area to another without stirring up too much of the silt. I appreciated the detailed instructions and advice provided by the owners.
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