Provincial Parks of Parry Sound

Ontario Parks manages 340 provincial parks across the province, each one of which has its own unique features and landmarks. From vast stretches of wilderness, backcountry camping, and lake access trails, to smaller parks close to towns and villages, there’s something for everyone in every cottage country location.

Here’s three very different provincial parks you can enjoy while in the Parry Sound area.

Killbear Provincial Park

There’s a few explanations of how Killbear got its name – the most likely is from the Ojibway Mukwa Nayoshing which translates to ‘Bear Point’. Maybe because bears have been seen to swim back and forth from the tip of the point to Parry Island, where the Wasauksing First Nation is located.

Bears aren’t the only wildlife that inhabit this varied landscape – barren rocky outcrops, wetlands and mixed forests.  You might see white-tailed deer, porcupine, fishers, and a variety of birdlife including woodpeckers, herons and hawks.

There’s a mix of sandy beaches, iconic windswept pines and spectacular views of the 30,000 islands and plenty of trails to enjoy.

Try the Lookout Point Trail which meanders 3.5km through a variety of forest types to a breathtaking view of Georgian Bay from the Parry Sound side of the park.

Friends of Killbear

The Massassauga

Massasauga means “mouth of the river” in the Ojibwe language. The park also shares its name with one of the area’s elusive and protected residents, the Massasauga Rattlesnake.

The park takes in hundreds of windswept islands, inland forests and lakes accessible by canoe or kayak, so great for a day-trip adventure. 

The self-guided Moon Island Trail is a 4 km trail of moderate difficulty that can be accessed from the Wood’s Bay Day-Use site. You might catch sight of birds and wildlife such as moose, deer, bear, great blue herons and beavers.

Oastler Lake Provincial Park

This is a smaller park to the east of Parry Sound and great for a half-day of hiking on the Seguin Trail or renting a canoe and taking a paddle out on the lake.  There’s a nice sandy beach for taking a cool swim on a hot day.

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