Get Away for Valentine’s Day

There’s something to be said about cottage country during the winter. Imagine: fresh snow blanketing the ground, frozen lakes, an outdoor campfire while bundled up in snowsuits and wrapped in a blanket or reading a good book with a wood burning stove crackling in the background.

Valentine’s Day paints such a commercialised vision of love and romance – why not get away from it all and actually enjoy the company of your significant other at a private cottage?

Here’s 7 ways to enjoy your romantic weekend:
  1. Bring a couple of steaks and BBQ them – there’s nothing that smells as yummy as the waft of barbecue on a cold winter’s night.
  2. Sip a glass of wine in a hot tub under a starlit sky.
  3. Rent some snow shoes and take a hike.
  4. Find an outdoor ice rink and skate holding hands.
  5. Wrap up warm and sit outside with a steaming hot chocolate.
  6. Walk on a frozen lake in the moonlight – most lakes have marked trails that have been checked for safety.
  7. Walk the cottage roads and look out for deer and snow hares

Maybe bring the kids along and enjoy the weekend playing board games, cooking big family dinners, playing with the dog, building a snowman or going on day trips exploring our beautiful country.


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