Top 8 Child-Friendly Indoor Activities

We’ve all heard the saying “save it for a rainy day,” and we all know what’s available at a cost for a rainy day activity. But, what if you’re at the cottage with not much around? The last thing you want to hear is “I’m bored,” by your kids while you’re on vacation. So, keep them entertained with a few planned child-friendly indoor activities, just in case. Check out our top 8 child-friendly indoor activities:

1. Board Games

Whether you play a classic, such as Monopoly or Hungry-Hungry Hippos, or give a new game a whirl, board games are a classic child-friendly indoor activity for any season.

2. Savenger Hunt

While this might work better at a larger cottage with multiple families, it works as long as there are two participants or more! Depending on the ages of the children involved you can make it as complex or as simple as you want. Bring along a few dollar store toys or treats as prizes!

3. Physical Activities

Although gym class might not be on the agenda for your cottage vacation, children can still get their physical activity in to burn that energy!

A favourite memory from my childhood (when my grandmother babysat my brother and I) were the races we did around the house. For example, my grandma would say we need to run to our bedrooms and jump on one foot three times then spin two times then run to the dining room and do three laps of the table and the first one back to the living room would win. This simple activity was so much fun, cost absolutely nothing and burned our energy so our parents/grandparents could relax.

4. Spend Time with your Pets

Many families bring their dog to the cottage and although it might not seem like it, pets get bored on rainy days too. So, spend the time teaching them a new trick! Bring some extra treats and teach them how to sit-pretty or balance a treat on their nose! Dogs love interaction and learning/working and showing off their new trick will be so fun when you get home.

5. Get Comfortable in the Kitchen

Learn to cook or bake something new! Having homemade burgers for dinner that night? Bring the kids into the kitchen to help you prep them. Cooking is one of the most important skills parents can pass along to their children, so make memories on vacation and practice those new skills!

6. Have a Movie (or Video Game) Marathon

Pick a movie series or a video game your kids have been talking about and set them up for a quiet day in front of the TV. Pop popcorn, make some homemade slushies and have some downtime. You could even make it a pajama day!

7. Read a Book

Summer reading lists seem to have gone by the wayside in recent years, so bring them back for your family! Keep tabs of books your kids mention throughout the school year and create a 5-10 book list for the summer. Pick up the books before your vacation starts and bring them along. The best part about this activity? It’s great rain or shine!

8. Do a Craft

Whether you want to start a scrapbook for your vacation, make a family flour dough ornament to commemorate your trip, or simply spend time drawing or colouring, crafts are a great child-friendly indoor activity that the whole family can get in on! Follow us on Pinterest for some ideas!

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