Why Wifi Is A Deal-Breaker

Wifi is now the most in-demand criteria with guests who want to rent a cottage at any time of the year. ‘What’s the Wifi password’ is probably the first words said when they arrive.

Not that many years ago, the most important criteria for cottage guests was the waterfront. It had to be clear for swimming, with a beach for younger kids and deeper water off the dock for a perfect vacation.

Now the deal-breaker is unlimited Wifi.

It’s not surprising given the number of guests who tell us they need to work from the cottage. With Zoom meetings, client calls on Skype and the need to be connected all the time, this criteria has easily surpassed waterfront, dishwasher and screened sun-room as the top must-have.

They not only want a unlimited connection – we are hearing more questions about download speeds, the coverage throughout a cottage (and waterfront area), and the robustness of the service.

Then there’s the kids.

Just a few kids in a rental group, each watching Youtube videos, checking their Instagram accounts and making TikTok videos will drive through what seems to be a generous Gb allocation super-quick.

Educating guests in the different types of cottage country service is important. They need to know that satellite connections are often limited, and that the weather can have an impact, and fixing a downed service can take much longer that it would in the city.

  • Research thoroughly and buy the best package you can.
  • Be upfront with your guests about what they should expect in terms of speed. Go to Speed Test to check.
  • Describe any limitations and make it clear what (if any) the overage charges are.
  • Check with your provider and find out if you can monitor usage which is useful to keep tabs on how much is being used.

The cost associated with upgrading a package can be recovered in a small hike in your rental rate.

If you are a traditional cottager who cannot understand why anyone wants to use the internet or watch TV while they are at the cottage, you have to take a reality check if you want to rent. We’re in a different world and expectations in this digital age are markedly different to what you may be used to.

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