Bugs and Critters in Cottage Country

Every spring, new life is born into the world. 

Trees bud, flowers blossom, and baby animals are abundant (almost like when a Disney princess starts singing in the classic films). But, with this new life, comes our least favourite part – bugs & creepy crawlies start to emerge from hibernation.

Yes, this is all part of the circle of life. But how will this affect your one-week in cottage country this summer? 

With a little bit of luck & some planning ahead it doesn’t need to affect your vacation at all!

Nature’s Clean-up Crew

To start, let’s talk about Nature’s Clean-up Crew: Opossums, Dragonflies & Bats!

Opossums are the “so ugly, they’re cute” nocturnal marsupials that are often never seen. These amazing little creatures can consume up to 5,000 ticks per year! They also take care of the not so pleasant critters such as mice and snakes, that can be found both in suburbia and cottage country!

Dragonflies are such beautiful insects, that it’s almost a shame to call them a “bug”! These flying insects are a cottager’s best friend! If a pesky mosquito is at you while you’re floating on the river, a dragonfly won’t be far away!

Now, imagine sitting around a campfire after a long, fun day out in the sunshine. The kids are getting tired but are having fun roasting marshmallows. 

Suddenly, a mosquito lands on your leg and you swat it away. But then you notice one on your son’s foot, another on your daughter’s arm, and yet another on your spouses’ face!

Do you extinguish the campfire and turn in for the night? 

No, of course not, you grab your bottle of bug spray, put on some sweatpants & socks and stay out for more fun!

But, as the sun sets lower and lower, just as the mosquitos start to feel like they’re taking over, bats start flying past. Miraculously, the mosquitos lessen and you can sit back to enjoy your S’mores! 

That’s nature’s clean-up crew doing a pretty good job at keeping unwanted bugs & critters at bay!

Tick Prevention

Since May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, let’s talk about ticks!

Although ticks have been a part of the great outdoors for generations, they’ve really become a nuisance in Ontario in the last decade or two.  There’s a new, natural repellent that we can’t wait to try, called AtlanTick.

The founder of AtlanTick witnessed both of her son’s develop and live with Lyme Disease. She was afraid of chemicals in mainstream bug repellents & tick prevention for her family and dog. So, after working with Acadia University, they partnered and came up with AtlanTick, a safe, effective and natural tick spray that you can use on both humans and pets.

We love the idea of natural tick prevention!

But, if you’re still concerned, after a long hike jump in a quick shower and scrub all over with some soap on a cloth. Ticks often take 24 hours to find a spot to bite, so a quick wash will substantially decrease the likelihood of a bite occurring.

Mosquito Repellent

To protect yourself against mosquitos, the age-old Citronella Candle will often do the job. Keeping one or two lit on the outdoor dining table, while you play a round of cards before dusk will help alleviate any unwanted visitors.

If you’re looking to spend the whole evening outside, especially without a campfire going, you might want to opt into the proven most-effective option – Deet Repellent. While limited to 30% concentration in Canada, Deet-based repellents are the cream of the crop when you’re looking to enjoy a mosquito-free evening outside!

For children, and members of your family, not wanting to use Deet Repellents, many brands of bug spray now offer more natural, chemical-reduced options, such as OFF – Family Care.

What to Pack

We understand if you want to be cautious on your trip to the cottage and come prepared. If you’re looking to throw something in your overnight bag that will help you feel at ease this summer, we’d recommend this Tick Removal Kit from CanLyme.

While you’re packing for the cottage, don’t forget to throw in lots of socks, close-toed shoes & some bug spray.  At the end of the day, bugs & critters are a part of the bigger eco-system and learning to live in harmony with them, is the best and easiest solution for all!

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