Bringing A Service Animal

While we have many rental cottages in Ontario that accept pets, a small number of our owners prefer to remain pet-free. Usually, this is because they have allergies in their family and have never allowed pets of any kind in their cottage, to keep the property free of hair and dander, which in some cases can cause severe allergic symptoms.

Guests who have a family member with allergic reactions can choose a pet-free environment without the fear of an incident that may prove life-threatening to some.

If you have a service animal as defined by the Ontario Human Rights Act and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilites Act (AODA), you may of course bring your animal to any cottage, however we do ask that you consider the above before choosing a cottage that is designated as pet-free.

Certificates are not issued for true service animals and are not required, however we may ask you to provide documentation from a regulated health professional confirming the animal is required due to a disability.

Therapy or Comfort Animals

While we understand some pets provide comfort and offer therapeutic benefits, if they are not designated ‘service animals’, we cannot accept them into any pet-free cottage.

Where a pet-friendly cottage has restrictions on breed, size, or allows hypo-allergenic dogs only, these restrictions will apply to therapy and comfort animals also.

Please do not request that we approach the owners as we have already had discussions with them about flexibility in accepting pets.

We are happy to help you find a pet-friendly location that will accommodate your four-footed companion.

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