5 Reasons to Book Your Ontario Cottage Rental Today!

There are so many reasons to secure your Ontario cottage rental early on in the season! Here are our Top 5 Reasons to Book Today:

1. Secure Your Dates Early

The closer your vacation days are to the Civic Holiday long weekend at the beginning of August, the faster your preferred dates will book early! The weeks before and after the long weekend have always been (and likely always will be) the two most popular weeks of summer in cottage country. As you move further and further from the height of summer, the chances of last-minute availability increase.

2. Book Vacation Time at Work

More and more places of employment are requiring early vacation request submissions. This is especially true when policies are in place that only allows a certain number of people in a department or company to be off at any given time. So, confirm the week(s) with your family early on, make sure everyone gets approval at work for the week of the vacation. Once the timeframe is confirmed, submit your booking request & get the cottage of your dreams reserved right away, before another family swoops it up!

3. No Need To Settle When Booking Now

By the end of March, most of the high demand weeks at the popular cottages will be long snatched up. So, by securing your vacation now, you likely won’t need to settle on anything on your wish list. Talk to your family, find out everyone’s must-haves and let us help you narrow down your search.

4. Pay a Deposit to Secure Your Time, Not the Full Amount

The biggest financial benefit to booking direct and booking early means you’ll only have to pay a deposit to secure your dates, instead of the full amount, at the initial time of booking. This gives you and your family time to save and collect the final amount before it’s due.

Please note, this is for reservations of one-week (or more) in duration & commencing in more than 45 days from the date the booking request is received. Standard Terms and Conditions apply. Check out our Guest Information link below for additional information.

5. Last Minute Deals Don’t Exist in Cottage Country

Generally, cottage country does not offer last-minute deals and discounts. Since summer, in this part of the world, only lasts for 8-10 weeks, there’s a high demand for a small window of prime vacation time. So, instead of looking for a last-minute deal, set a budget and stick within it. This may mean looking for a short stay, traveling a bit further from the city, or even having the kids share a bedroom — but, if you book today, you’re bound to find the perfect place for you and your family!

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