Arykat Otter Lake – CLRM Staff Review

In May 2022, I visited one of our Eastern Ontario properties – Arykat Otter Lake.

Arykat Otter Lake had intrigued me since CLRM acquired the listing in 2017. I loved the unique rounded shape of the property, the region in which it’s located, and the abundance of things to do whether right at the cottage or just a short drive away.

So, when the opportunity to visit came about, I jumped at the chance!


The drive was long but easy. I put the car on cruise, drove to Kingston on the 401, then went straight up highway 15 to the cottage road.

We made a quick stop in Kingston for some outlet shopping and a lovely patio lunch, then drove the last hour to the cottage.

Oftentimes, when arriving at a cottage rental, it’s normal to wonder if you’ve found the correct location. But, with the unique shape of Arykat Otter Lake, we spotted it from down the road. To confirm it was indeed Arykat Otter Lake, there was a big sign on the front door indicating so.

I punched in my door code and finally got to see the inside! What a cool space it was.

I took a little tour on my own and then went to help my family unload the car.

While my family was unpacking, the owner stopped by to give a tour, get us fitted for lifejackets, and more!

Our First Night

By the time we got unpacked and settled in, it was almost dinner time, so we didn’t have a chance to go out and explore that day. Instead, we went down to the creekside and played in the water. My son loved using his water squirter and blowing bubbles while we had a beverage and listened to the various birds.

Day Two – Exploring Smiths Falls

Unfortunately, for our first full day at the cottage, it rained most of the day. So, instead of spending time by the water-side, we opted to visit the town of Smiths Falls. The convenience of big box stores wasn’t lost on us, but we also spent some time wandering the downtown area, checking out little shops and pubs along the main street.

During this outing, we also stopped by the Rideau Canal Locks. These were the first locks my almost 4-year-old has seen, but locks are interesting at any age, so the whole family enjoyed walking around and reading the historic site signage.

At the Rideau Canal Locks, we found LeBoat! As CLRM recently began promoting LeBoat vacations, both within Canada and worldwide, I thought it fitting to chat with someone from LeBoat and get a personal tour!

When we got back to the cottage in the late afternoon, the sun had come back out and we were able to get out on the canoe and explore both the canal & Otter Lake!

We spent about 45 minutes paddling, albeit a more experienced paddler could have probably done our round-trip in half an hour or less! We went 200 meters or so down the creek and right into Otter Lake.

The creek is quite shallow, so staying in the middle was easiest to maneuver. As we left the creek and entered Otter Lake, the water was so clear that the sandy bottom looked very inviting for a swim!

In the warmer months, the owner of Arykat Otter Lake keeps a buoy in the water to attach your kayak or canoe to and jump out for a refreshing dip! While the water was too cold while we were there in May, it would have been a welcomed option in July or August!

Once we got back to the cottage, we got to enjoy a beautiful BBQ dinner on the patio.

Day Three – The Beach!

While generally, We’ve Stayed Here vacations are set at a maximum of 2 nights, the owner of Arykat Otter Lake graciously offered for us to stay for a third night. The weather on day three was so beautiful that we took him up on the offer!

We decided it was worth getting outside and exploring the local area again, so we went to the Rideau Ferry Yacht Club Conservation Area. This area was less than 10 minutes from the cottage, making it a great stop for kids to run off some steam, or a spot to set up and spend a whole day! Once we arrived, without hesitation, we opted for the whole day!

Parking was only $7 for the day and was easy to pay via credit card from either of the two parking lots. 

A few features include a boat launch, the sandy beach, change rooms, a short nature walk that children are bound to love, washrooms, and change rooms.

The beach and lake entry is sandy with a few rocks, water shoes were great to have but not necessary if you watched your step. A few local families were using the beach area and we were the only ones using water shoes.

After hours, upon hours, of beach fun, we headed back to the cottage for an easy dinner and bed.

Heading Home

By the day of check out, we had felt like we really had a vacation away from home. We were relaxed, refreshed, and had really enjoyed being surrounded by nature for those few days.

With Arykat Otter Lake being a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom cottage, pre-departure tidying was a quick and easy task that really didn’t take much time. 

We loaded up the car and headed home for another busy week.


Arykat Otter Lake isn’t your typical cottage vacation, which is what makes it so special. This is a cottage for environmentalists who love exploring the outdoors and immersing themselves in nature.

It’s a great home base for day trips and those who like visiting local areas. 

Finally, with all there is to do in the area, it’s a great spot for families looking to get away on a budget!

Cottage in Review: Arykat Otter Lake

Region: Eastern Ontario

Town: Lombardy, ON

Waterfront: Otter Lake

Chat with Kaitlyn about her experience before you book Arykat Otter Lake! You won’t be disappointed!

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