Planning Your Vacation – Questions You Should Ask

Planning a cottage country vacation is not as simple as finding the dream cottage and booking. The area is vast, and very different in terrain


1. Where do you want to visit and how far is everyone willing to travel?

Even if your family decides to limit vacation destination options to Ontario, there’s still over one-million square kilometers at play! So, narrow it down. Is there a particular region you’d like to visit? Are there any elderly or very young family members going? Check with everyone in the group to see how far everyone is able to travel and stick within those limits.

2. How many people will be at the property?

This is so important! As soon as you determine where you want to go/how far away you want to travel, it’s important to narrow down how many people (adults and children) will be at the property. This will help to determine the size of cottage needed, the number of beds and bedrooms required and the budget you’ll have to work with to find the perfect vacation rental!

3. Is anyone hoping to bring a pet?

Many people assume their pets will be welcome any time anywhere, while others assume their pets will not be welcome anywhere. Neither of these is the case, but to avoid any unnecessary surprises, ask the question: is anyone bringing a pet? If anyone is hoping to bring one ask for the pet’s breed, approximate age and if they’re classified as a non-shedding breed or not.

4. Will the layout of the cottage and property work for your family?

If anyone in your group has mobility issues, they may need a bedroom and full bathroom to be accessible on the main floor. On the flip side, if there is a family with young children, they may want to make sure they can sleep in the same room or the same floor as their child(ren) and that it be farther away from the kitchen and main living areas. Likewise, it’s always best to check with everyone in the group to see if they are hoping to play lawn games, sunbathe on the dock, play on a sandy beach, etc. After all, in the summer, the exterior of the cottage is just as important as the interior!

5. What amenities must the property have?

Are there any must-have amenities in your group? Maybe someone needs air conditioning due to a medical condition. Or, maybe someone needs internet access to check into work while away. It’s always good to see what everyone requires and work from there when selecting your perfect cottage vacation property.

6. What is everyone hoping to do at the cottage?

Is there a chef in the family who wants to prepare gourmet meals and therefore, requires an upgraded kitchen? Is there an avid fisherman who wants a rowboat available to head out early in the mornings to catch lunch? Are there little children who will want to play in the grass and sand and need a quiet place to take an afternoon nap? Does someone need a quiet workspace to check into work? Everyone has different requirements in a vacation rental. So, ask your family what they need and do your best to check-off everyone’s wish list!

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