10 Activities for Any Season

If you’re wondering what your kids are going to do at a cottage for a week with limited or no internet, limited television stations/movies and without their box of toys, you’re not alone.

Families ask us this question all the time – what is there to do at the cottage?

Although the list of recommended activities change depending on the season and region of your cottage vacation, there are fun things to do all year-round! Check-out our list below of 10 Things to do in Any Season:

1. Go Hiking

No matter the time of year, whether you want a quick 15-20 minute hike or a hike that will take a full day or more, beautiful trails for all levels of expertise can be found around Ontario. Have you tried hiking in winter? Make sure you bring some spikes to put on the bottom of your hiking boots to give you a little extra grip on icy paths.

2. Geocaching

Similar to hiking, except a little more interactive and a great activity to involve the children in – geocaching is comparable to a scavenger hunt but can be done in cities, towns and on hiking trails! A great way to spend a day or half-day at anytime of year. Check out What is Geocaching for more information!

3. Explore Small Towns

All our cottages are near towns, while some may have the big box stores you’re used to in the city, there’s always a small town with quant charm nearby! Have an ice cream or check-out the mom and pop shops,



4. Play a Sport

Every sport has a season, but whose to say those sports can’t be played at different times of the year. Have you ever played a game of soccer in a foot of snow? Or a game of ball hockey in the summer instead of ice hockey in the winter? Anything is possible!

5. Hot Tubing

Many cottage rentals include hot tubs, the benefit to hot tubs is that they can be used at any time of year. A cool evening in the summer may call for a night cap in the hot tub, while a morning hot tub before your cup of coffee is a beautiful way to wake up on a chilly winter day. Just remember to have a quick shower to rinse off any sun screen, lotion and perfume before enjoying the hot tub.

6. Have a Picnic 

Picnics are often thought of as a Spring or Summer activity, but take a beautiful sunny day at any time of year and enjoying a sandwich, some fresh fruit and vegetables outside anytime! Dress for the weather and it’s easy to spend a whole day outdoors.

7. Visit a Provincial or National Park

Many provincial and national parks are open either 3 or 4 seasons so do your research before you go. Most parks have activity and information centres with different park events happening all year-round.

8. Go for a Walk/Snow Shoe

A walk is such an easy activity to do at anytime of year. Whether it just be a walk down the cottage road or a 10-KM hiking trail, grab your hiking boots or snow shoes if there’s lots of snow and enjoy the fresh air.

9. Water Sports

During the Spring, Summer and Fall there are lots of water activities to partake in without even getting wet! Try canoeing, kayaking, pedal boating or something else entirely. When the lake is frozen (and if it’s deemed safe to do so) you can take a walk on the frozen surface or give ice skating a go.

10. Have a Family Game Night

This is something that can be done anywhere with any number of people. There are games for any number of people who want to participate. Try a board game, card game or something else entirely, maybe charades? This gives everyone the chance to learn a new game or two and can create countless hours of memories.


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