Great Cottage for Large Group – but won’t be back

There are 2 cottages on this property Brown’s Mazinaw Breeze and Brown’s Mazinaw Myst, and accommodates a group of 20 (5 families we had). They provide everything you could possibly need including water for drinking, spices, laundry with detergent, cleaning items, paddle boats and kayaks. It is truly great for everyone and is dog friendly which is a huge plus. This is our second year staying here. Last year I would have given this a 4 star because the Myst cottage does not have air conditioning and is sooo…, and their wifi is not great, I had a hard time working there. This year they get a 3 star. They added an additional portable air conditioner for the myst cottage, but do not have the bandwidth in power to accommodate it, we were tripping the fuses (old style) constantly. The big deal breaker for us and the reason we will not return is the garbage. This year they changed the rules for garbage, you are responsible for your own garbage. They do have a local dump (5 km away) which is only open on Mondays and Wednesdays in the morning from 8am to 12:00 noon, as these cottages only accommodate visitors from a friday to friday, we took all the garbage we had on Wednesday to the local dump in the morning. There is a second dump in Kaladar (32km away) that is open on monday, wednesday and friday (8 am to 1 pm) on check-out day we split the garbage and recycling (this is alot of garbage/recycling because both cottages needed to be completely cleaned out) between the 5 families and were taking to the disposal in Kaladar on our way home (Cambridge, Ontario) not the best scenario, squeezing in garbage and/or recycling bag in the backseat with your children for 20 minutes, but doable. Imagine my surprise when I got to Kaladar disposal and they refused to take any of the garbage/recycling (even though we had the township bags) because we didn’t have a card (there is one supplied by the cottages by the way (which is 20 minutes away) but they need to be returned, since checkout is at 10:30 am you would need to give yourself at least an hour to just get rid of garbage and then come back to pack up. Not reasonable. So what do I do now??? Believe me, my first thought was to dump it on the side of the road – I was super pissed!!! (of course I didn’t do that but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has) but I did have to drive 4 hours with a large bag of garbage cuddled up to my children in the back seat! Complete deal breaker! We paid over $4000.00 to stay at these cottages for a week and needed to get rid of our own garbage (they state they will charge you $50.00 per bag for any garbage left behind). We will not be back. This might not be so bad for someone who lives closer.
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