Make Memories in Cottage Country this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, for many south of the border, marks the beginning of the holiday season as it falls six weeks, or so, before Christmas. However, here, in Canada, Thanksgiving falls in the early half of October – basically giving us an entire extra holiday every year to celebrate with family and friends!

So, why celebrate Thanksgiving in cottage country? Our response — why wouldn’t you want to!?

The Perfect Fall Day

When we picture a perfect Thanksgiving day, we see crisp blue skies, red, orange & yellow trees, and maybe a lake in the background. Inside, the aroma of food fills the air – turkey, pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, cranberry. Family gathering together, around the kitchen to help prepare the meal. That’s what Thanksgiving is all about.

Thanksgiving, like any holiday, at home can feel rushed. Traipsing from house to house, dropping off baked goods, and enjoying the odd beverage with a loved one, only to leave an hour or two later. Memories aren’t being made and instilling the sense of tradition in our own children is quickly lost.

Building Traditions & Making Memories

But, Thanksgiving in Ontario’s Cottage Country – now that’s something worth building traditions around! Book a cottage with those you want to spend the long weekend with – be it another family, your siblings & their children, your parents, etc.

Picture it now – your kids (actually getting along!) playing a game in the living room, while you and your loved ones gather around the kitchen island in your comfy clothes to begin prepping the holiday meal. No distractions – no doorbells dinging, no phones ringing, no last-minute mad dash to pick up family members from afar. Just beauty in the quiet backdrop of Ontario’s Cottage Country.

Meanwhile, outside the large windows overlooking the lake, other members of your family are having some fun in the crisp sunshine – maybe playing a round of horseshoes, hide and seek with the children, or perhaps, fetch, with the dog, as she runs into the lake after her ball for the 20th time that hour!

A snapshot of time. It’s a memory in the making.

That’s what Thanksgiving is, in Ontario’s Cottage Country. Making memories. Building traditions.

But, spending some much-needed time in the great outdoors with stunning views, fresh air, and a relaxed timetable, doesn’t hurt either!

Plan Your Visit

A cottage country vacation in Ontario is the perfect way to spend your Thanksgiving with family this year. Our great selection of rentals has the right fit for every group, no matter what you are looking for. Choose today and start packing for a relaxing stay on the waterfront.

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