10 Reasons to Choose an Ontario Cottage Rental Vacation in 2022

With the sudden return of increased international travel, the choice of where to spend your hard-earned vacation time and money is finally yours to make once again!

Let’s all take a moment to embrace that, after a long two years of uncertainty.

So, where are you visiting this year?

Maybe you’re heading down South for a Caribbean beach vacation, or to Italy to experience the best of food & wine in Europe, or you’re planning that big trip to Africa or Australia you’ve been desperately waiting for. Or, maybe you’ve decided this just isn’t the time to travel internationally and are looking forward to a Staycation again in 2022?

Here are 10 reasons you should consider vacationing at one of our cottage rentals in Ontario in 2022:

1 – Staycation Tax Credit

If you haven’t yet heard about the Refundable Staycation Tax Credit, it’s time to listen up! This exciting credit will give you 20% (up to $400)  of your vacation back as a refund on your taxes when you file for the 2022 season! That means, once your taxes are filed for the 2022 calendar year, your $2000 cottage vacation in Ontario will have cost $1600 instead. Now, we’d say that’s a pretty good deal!

2 – Avoid Airports & all things Flying!

Even if you love flying and traveling via airplane, it can be a real drudge to find your passport, drive to the airport, wait in line, check bags, go through customs, wait around for 3 hours before your flight, and then wait in line again just to board the plane! There’s something to be said about jumping in the car, driving for a few hours, and arriving at your destination. It’s simple, predictable, not exhausting and best of all you won’t feel like you need a shower as soon as you get to the cottage!

3 – No Need to Rent a Car or Order an Uber

Oftentimes, after a long day of traveling through airports, once you get to your destination you’ll need to pick up your pre-arranged rental car. Oops! What if you forget to pre-arrange a rental car or maybe you’ve decided you don’t want the pressure of driving in an unfamiliar area or on the other side of the road? Then, you’re stuck taking taxis and Ubers all vacation.

When you’re traveling within driving distance, it’s so much easier to simply take the time packing your own vehicle, filling up with gas, and hitting the open road! You can even carpool with your family to start making those memories straight away and share in the cost at the gas pump!

4 – Bring your Dog

Who doesn’t enjoy bringing their beloved furry companion along on vacation? No cottage rental vacation is complete without Fido by my side! “Dogs are man’s best friend” is a saying for a reason. Cottage vacations are just as much for them as they are for us – watching them dock dive, snooze on the deck or join in on a hike, is the icing on top of a fantastic cottage trip.

CLRM offers many pet-friendly cottage rentals all across the province and in every price range!

5 – Continued Uncertainty around COVID-19

While we’re overly enthusiastic about the ending of restrictions across the globe, apprehension of another flare-up is still very real for some. The last two years are unlike anything most of us have experienced and the threat of restrictions being reintroduced is certainly a concern. With airline cancellations, borders closing, and more at risk, sticking to local vacations, at least for 2022, may not be such a bad idea.

6 – Political Uncertinity

With political uncertainty escalating, especially in European countries at present, planning a vacation to some areas can seem unnecessarily risky. While many are eager to get back to international travel, risking vacation time and money to do so, may just not be worth it quite yet.

7 – Continue Working…if you must

CLRM offers many cottages rentals quite close to Toronto, so even if you can’t get away from the office for a whole week, you can still easily enjoy lake life outside of business hours. At the same time, many of our cottages are now offering unlimited high-speed (or high enough speed!) internet. While multiple Zoom meetings at the same time might be a bit tough, having a member or two in your group logged in and working is definitely quite achievable at many of our Cottage Country rentals.

8 – Medical Travel Insurance vs. OHIP

With COVID-19 still looming about, many medical travel insurance policies still have written into their fine print that they will not cover any expenses incurred related to the coronavirus. 

As an Ontario resident with OHIP, you’re entitled to access free healthcare throughout the whole province – not just at home! So, when you vacation in your own province, your healthcare is covered!

9 – Stay Close to Home

Sometimes it’s simply not a great time to travel the globe, and staying close to home, while still getting out of your own four walls just makes the most sense.
Whether you have an unwell family member, are expecting a child (or grandchild), or simply don’t have the extra funds for a big overseas vacation, vacationing a short drive from home quite often offers the best of both worlds!

10 – Reconnect with Friends & Family

It’s been a long two years since life was “normal.” Are we back to normal yet? Well, no. But, with restrictions lifting all around us and gathering limits with those outside your household back to reasonable numbers, it’s time to reconnect with those you love most. 

Instead of a quick day or evening get-together, why not plan a whole trip together? 

Getaway from the city, share food, drinks, stories around the campfire, a couple of games of cards & so much more when you visit one of our Ontario Cottage Rentals.

We’ve had so many guests over the last two years experience cottage country vacation rentals for the very first time. There have been countless remarks about how beautiful the different regions and lakes are in our very own province. Many guests have said they plan to make cottage rental vacations an annual tradition as time moves forward, and for that, we are so grateful to share in the breathtaking province that Ontario is.

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